Saturday, October 2, 2010

Two -- Sorry, make that three! -- things to read today

There are two things I'd like you to read today, quite different, but words are words and their meanings on their own don't change. Sometimes I see words like those edible candy necklaces, the colors a code I wish I knew how to break with something besides my teeth. Someday, I tell myself, and then another writer comes along and bites the candy off the string on my neck and walks away with my words. I feel slightly less, and I feel the saliva on my collarbone, and I feel gross and lonely. Then I eat another piece of candy from the necklace, maybe the light green one.

Issue 14 of the Molotov Cocktail is out, and if you haven't guessed by now that it's one of my very favorite zines, you must be new to this blog. ;) I once again applaud editor Josh Groller, and my two picks from this issue are "In His Clutches" by Dakota Lewis and "The Magician" by Patrick McLaughlin. Interesting: Lewis takes a story I think I've heard before and makes it compelling and interesting, and McLaughlin takes a story I thought I knew and makes it into something fresh and new altogether.

And now something quite different. Everyone should read it. For many of my friends, this is preaching to the choir, but I have rarely heard this topic so well discussed. I cried, very much, while reading this.

Artistry of Male is a blog dedicated to the beauty of men. It is by and for gay men, and as such, be warned that although this is not an erotic piece, there are ads/images on the sight that may not be suitable for the workplace. The blogger himself often posts about issues related to homosexuality, usually philosophical in nature or referencing Buddhism. But in this post, he talks about the sadness of teenagers killing themselves because they've been persecuted due to their sexuality. He then posts a letter written by a Vermont mother to her fellow citizens in that state. It is one of the most moving pieces I have ever read on the subject, and I urge you to read. I believe the message here is: compassion for all.


I prepared the above entry over a day ago. This morning, I see that Michael Solender is featuring my piece, Bottle Rocket, over at the NOT. Many thanks to Michael: his Dog Days of Summer contest was awesome, and I'm so honored to have my work picked as one of the Special Jury Awards Winners.

If you haven't already, download the PDF. I did, and printed it out -- and am now amazed that I received any recognition at all, considering the quality of work therein. Wow. Peeps brought it! This is great weekend reading, with some intriguing photography. Loved the juxtaposition of images and words.

So, um, three things to read today? ;)

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  1. *Rolls eyes and lets out an exasperated sigh* Look! There are PLENTY of candies on your necklace! See here... you have a whole 'nother strand hidden under your shirt! So don't give me that! *Noms a candy off the necklace, taking care not to get saliva on your pretty little neck....*