Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Microfic: Whitecaps; Current writing plan


The Plague hit hardest in our coastal village, with babes tossed in the water alongside old men for months. When finally we survivors stood on the beach, ragged and starved but free of disease, we watched as the waves coughed up our dead, one by one. They were happy to see us.


My writing plan of late: Three short stories needed editing, then moving on to serious work on the book. Two shorts finished: one submitted and waiting for response, one going up shortly (no idea of exact date at the moment). The third is one of my very favorites of my own, but I've stalled at the ending. I'm really excited to be swapping stories right now with another writer who is also stuck, and coincidentally, kind of at the same spot.

While that's been going on, I've been using OneWord as a daily exercise. The above microfic is one of those, and you can find me there as rsbohn.

While I've got numerous unfinished shorts awaiting further work, and a few sites that I used to actively engage in as weekly exercises (Lily's Friday Prediction and Three Word Wednesday are a couple of my favorites), I've put them aside for the time being. At some point, I realized I was using them as a distraction from bigger works, excuses not to buckle down on the larger projects. A short attention span? Maybe. Or possibly fear that I can't pull off a book. Which is silly, since I've done it twice plus a novelette. But yeah, probably fear.

At some point, I may ask a friend and fellow writer if she could brainstorm with me a bit, help me move the obstacles in my brain. I've never really done that before at such an early stage in the process, but I think I need a little creative ass-kicking. If anyone's totally into brainstorming and that sort of thing, email me. And I shall return the favor.

Thanks for reading, amigos.


  1. Gah... Rebecca - how did you manage to pull "Whitecaps" out in just a minute? The image of dead babies washing up en masse... *shudder*.

    I hear you on the siren-song of short fic. I've been putting off the pick and shovel work for my own novel for months now, and I feel I may have to soon abandon all the little pieces that I "just wanted to tidy up and finish" until later, so I can get to work on a book. There's three pieces I'm on right now that I really DO want to finish, but all the other incompletes can wait to spark fresh thoughts another day.

    Good luck on yours!

  2. Early morning, first thing upon waking = really weird writing. I recommend it! LOL!

    I'm actually glad to hear someone else has been doing the same thing with their novel. That "just want to tidy up and finish" thing is tough. It sounds like you've done what I did, which is prioritize: which three stories are strongest/favorites, and then work on the book. Good luck to us both! Coincidentally, I've just finished a morning edit and fresh write on a book. So, that's something, at least.

    PS Did you get my email? *gnaws nails* I hope I didn't overstep my bounds with my thoughts.

  3. I did get it - and was planning on having a reply done today. (Should get there by tonight.)

    Thank you so much for the help - far from being an "overstep" - I can see the way clear to the end now. (Yay!)

    Oh - btw - in contrast to your excellent "Whitecaps" above... I just did a one-word that featured three lines about dog farts. Yeah.

  4. Love your resolve, Becky. Come back to The Prediction when you're ready; my corset is always open. I mean, door - of course.


  5. Thanks, Lily. You may see my shy little self popping in there soon...

    (hehe, as if either of us are shy!)

  6. I just love reading about your writing processees... processi... you know what I mean. It's so exciting to me, who spends my time carpooling and feeding and clothing and cleaning... Nothing wrong with a little vicarious living. ;)

    Whitecaps. How you can create such a story around so few words will never cease to amaze me.

  7. I live vicariously all the time! I think I do, anyway. If constant daydreaming is almost the same thing, then yes. :)

  8. Love living vicariously... LOL..

    You sound busy! And the 'cleaning up' part of writing, I think, is actually the hardest part. Why do you think it takes so long for me to write anything??/ Because of that. And then, I get a sea of red back and ask myself, "why did you even TRY cleaning it up?" Hahahahhaha!!!

    Watching a series called Bored to Death--it is on HBO, and the main dude is a struggling writer. He has had one book published and got rejected for his second book and had to send his advance back. Talk about writing issues... You should watch it--pretty funny.

  9. You're just a wee bit dark Becky.
    Love your banner pic. It looks like my basement.

  10. Shell -- Because if you didn't clean it up, I'd know, LOL! Also, it takes you a long time because your plots are so intricate. You amaze me. As for that series: I wonder if it will be out on DVD, because I'd like to see that.

    R-- I think I would love your basement!