Thursday, December 8, 2011

Microfic: Tea Service

Tea Service
Teapots made of platinum — only the sultan could drink from them. And one of his daughters, the precious Alara.
When the sun set and the tea was served, no genie arose — by order of the sultan, no genies allowed within state limits — but Alara closed her eyes and said, “Today, beloved Father, I have married.”
And so the spectre was set free, and howling winds abraded the castle with sand, for the littlelest daughter had disobeyed. In this, revolutions rise, and hangman’s nooses never go empty.

And now back to writing. Rock gnomes smoking basalt pipes, and boscage...


  1. Wonderful images! And I love that no genies are allowed within state limits =)

  2. "Littlelest" is love. <3

    Now for the story of the hangman's daughter... ?