Wednesday, February 15, 2012

9 Days of Madness; Miniature Worlds

Time's almost up to submit your story to Chris Allinotte's Nine Days of Madness. If you've got something creepy, bizarro, or downright gruesome, send that flash fic his way! I think a few spots are still open. Last year's entries were wonderfully diseased imaginings, and the free e-book Chris created after the Madness garnered tons of downloads. Join in.


Former labyrinth creator Takaido Aiba now creates heart-stopping miniature worlds, such as this bonsai treehouse:

When I'm in Disney, one of my favorite places to explore is the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. This sculpture by Aiba ignites my imagination in the same way. I wish I was tiny, so I could inhabit it for a day or two. Maybe stay there for a while and read miniature books.


  1. Miniature worlds, yes. I remember building them as a child. We built and built and then when everything was done and ready to play with, the fun disappeared and the actual playing never started. All the fun was in creating that world.

    I seldom have fevers, but when I do, I get the feeling I´m a giant. Like it´s a very long way down to the floor and I sort of sway and have to focus on keeping my balance when I walk. Then I´m in a giant world =) Only, it looks pretty much like this one =(

    Oh, I just realised: I´m a giant in *this* world... Aha! A big, stupid giant then... What were we talking about?

  2. You look pretty small to me. It's just your gears that are enormous.

    I'm going to miniaturize you and take you places with me. I hope you like lions.

  3. Thanks for the mention! I've had a few more entries - so "9 Days" is almost a certain reality now. Getting excited for the "crazy" to begin.

  4. I think bonsai trees make the coolest gifts.
    I'm hoping you've submitted something to 9 Days also.

  5. I did submit something, Ms. Cole, so we shall see! Hope we are mad together. *g*

    Bonsais are totally excellent... as long as one knows how to properly care for them. I don't know what I do wrong, and every bonsai death is a tragedy.

  6. Oh dear. Your post hit on a secret obsession. Things en petite. Miniature worlds. I do so wish I could crawl into that picture you posted. What a lovely retreat.

    If I had enough talent to smatter on a page, I'd love to submit to 9 days - but I have not the stamina nor clarity for wicked little tales. (Excuses, excuses.)