Saturday, May 19, 2012

"One Night" -- winner of the last Prediction; and "Instrument of Fate" lives on

Mystic Signals, featuring my short story, "Instrument of Fate," is available at Amazon:

Thank you to editor Carol Hightshoe; the issue is beautiful.

"Instrument of Fate" is not only one of the short stories dearest to my heart (maybe the most dear), but it started as a bit of fun over at Lily's Friday Prediction. How many ways has the Prediction affected everyone who participated? It's impossible to know.

And this week, the last time ever at Lily's place, I had the great honor of my "bit of fun" being selected as the winner. Congratulations to Aidan and asuqi as well.

Here it is...

One Night

Young moon fell to the green shore and immediately impersonated a shell. Beneath the waves, glistening like pearl, her elegant shape drew a traveler.

Pulled from the cold sea, water ran in rivulets along her curving spine. Warm fingers traced ancient bone, delving inside to feel the smoothness, while drops fell upon the blue-veined wrist. Moon sighed.

When the traveler peered inside, she was captured within the spiral, her spirit a lonesome helix in the shell.

Moon fell to her new knees and shoveled sand with trembling hands, burying the shell. Until the tides' reveal, she would be free.


When people comment on the Mythos behind a short piece, I struggle not to add it to my growing list of short stories/novellas. But... but... there is something there, in the stars and planets and moons and suns, able to steal our souls. For a bit.

And lastly (as she deliberately turns a blind eye to exploration of that idea), a bit of Mythos in my new flashfic, Scribe, written for a contest. Dragons and a small, ancient race. I do think of backgrounds for all shorter pieces. For example, why are there no mentions of mothers or children in The Scribe? ;)

This post makes me seem prolific. I like that. Even if it's not exactly true.

Dream on, fellow egrets.


  1. Such imagery and myth..and yet universal..a night that changes your body and soul..your burying tears in the sand..almost of course a little sadness...Jae

  2. And of course, always... a little sadness.

    Thank you.

  3. And why am I an egret? (I had to look it up =) I don´t think I´ve ever seen a free one. In the wild, I mean)

    Backgrounds I like! I don´t know why there are no mothers or children, but now that you´ve asked ideas pop into my head =)

    (you are prolific, silly! If not you, then who?)

    This week, I´m becoming an aunt. I know this for sure!

  4. Do you know I was ridiculously happy to come second to you in Lily´s last prediction? It felt symbolic in a good way, a fitting way to see it all go =)

    1. As soon as I saw the outcome, I knew you must've been thrilled to see yourself with not just me, but with Aidan. I thought your second one was brilliant and the winner, honestly.

      Are you sure you're becoming an aunt this week? Does anyone else know this? :)

  5. Wait? Maybe it was ant?

    LOL! I´m gonna be an aunt, right? (feels like becoming one, though... morphing into one, slowly and inevitably... =))

    No, seriously, the baby is in breech position (right terminology?) so she´ll have a planned c-section. This week! Beware! I´ll make you call me auntie A =)