Sunday, July 8, 2012

In A Purple Sky: now appearing at the Xeroversary

A super-bomb of flash fic went off at John Xero's place, and unlike San Diego, Xero kept the fireworks bursting in the sky in a timely, rockin' manner all this past week. I'm thrilled to be part of the finale -- the last fic up: In a Purple Sky. Twelve-year-old Jake waits for the bus each morning, counting the days until school is out...Until, in an abandoned field, a myth steps out from the shadows and changes his life forever.

(need an intro the Xeroversary? I've got a little one here)

And I made this for my story. It's what I imagine Jake sees when he looks across the street:

 Why won't this rotate correctly? Grr. Sorry for your neck twistiness.

This was my first diorama. (right now, I here all three of you reading this saying, "No shit.")

It was loads of fun, and forced me to slow done and think about things in a different way. I also made lots of mistakes, so in the future -- because, oh yes, there will be more dioramas! -- there will be improvements. For instance, apparently, scales matters. Who knew. And also, diorama glue is serious business. There is no wiggling things around. You glue something, stick it on something, and BAM! It's on there. No matter if you want it to be there or not. The good news is that the gryphon isn't glued down, so I get to take him out and play with him whenever I want.

Admit it. You are so jealous right now. Wait until I get a hydra for my next one! It will be myth war in here, bitches!

Thank you so much for reading my story and not saying what an absolute dork I am for building a really awful diorama for it.



PS I just found out that Chris Allinotte made something way better for one of his stories: a frickin' video! With an adorable zombified mummy guy with pins sticking out all over, reading it. So if you like thrillers read by voodoo mummy dolls, check it out.


  1. Loved the story Becky.(And left a comment at the site.)

    Thanks so much for the shout out on my video!
    It's so weird - I put it up earlier in the week, and your mention is the first I've heard about it from anyone. Not that I think it's the most awesome thing I've ever done, but I was starting to worry it was full on horrible and nobody was saying anything out of politeness -- like dropping a fart in a church.

    (For the record - your diorama rocks.)

    1. No, it certainly wasn't horrible. Oddly watchable. The little guy's accent makes it weirder -- in a good way. I think I watched it twice..?