Wednesday, December 19, 2012


when you saw the first snow I almost cried I had been listening to the honey in your voice as if it were the only thing I could hear and that was more than I could bear

everything is gray not white not white at all except for what I see and what you see there is a hollowness between the snowflakes so cling to each one climb up to the next don't fall don't fall or you will end up in the gray like all the rest

we are climbing and the clouds are gray where snowflakes come from still your voice is sweet almost a trap i have put the trap around my own leg like this see how I do it? please watch please know that I am bleeding here in the sky with your voice

every snowflake is the same

the first snow is not as important as the last

when will you look

when will you


  1. I don´t climb, I fall, and on my way down I will shout ” Don´t bleed colour into the world, you are not responsible for the grayness!”

    But you won´t listen. You crave honey.

    I am falling and when I land I won´t know myself. The first snow is without memory, but so will the last one be and if you ever come back, look for the one with the red, red rose. It will be me.