Thursday, May 2, 2013

A SF Short Story Rec and Possible New Blog Titles for the Not-Yet-Thoroughly Disinterested

I cannot rec this any more highly: Professor Incognito Apologizes by Austin Grossman. Advice on apologizing to an SO who found your death ray.

Seriously. Grab a muffin, power spinach-kelp-treebark smoothie or whatever you crazy kids prefer, and read this. Better than hot yoga or that workout that's supposedly used by Israeli soldiers to teach you to kill someone with your feet. I read it last night before bed and it kept me up giggling. And possibly with thoughts of world domination.

Who am I kidding. World domination's been on my mind since I was seven and told my sister to eat the poison berries by the old shed*. Hey, if I'm going to be ruler of the world, it's total loyalty or nothing.


Think I'm going to change this blog title to "R.S. Bohn -- Starer into Space." Or, "R.S. Bohn -- I Can't Find Anything Good to Read and I'm Getting Whiny." Hopefully, the second one will be null and void after I take on Icelander by Dustin Long. And there's the Clarke Award winner, announced last night: Dark Eden. I'm normally put off by incest (I know; weird, right?), but this sounds properly balls-to-the-wall and post-apocalyptic. Unless it's Deliverance set underground. Which would be scary. So we'll see.

I'm going to write something today. Even if it's just twenty words like yesterday. No! I'm going to write twenty-nine, at least.

Enjoy your smoothies.

*She lived. Apparently, poison berries burn your mouth, and demanding total loyalty gets one's butt whupped and grounded for a week.


  1. I like "Starer into Space", it´s perfectly relatable =)

    Lately I read only newspaper articles that upset and provoke me in an annoying way. I don´t know why I keep reading. Probably because I know so much better and everyone has such profoundly stupid opinions/thoughts/ideas. Oh, lalĂ , I´m in a delightful mood!

    I´m glad you didn´t kill her =)

  2. Another one: "Accidental Murderer of Peacable Beings." We covered an underground bee's nest yesterday while doing yard work. Apparently, these bees are among the most non-aggressive. They seemed confused. I looked it up and the queen is still down there. =(

    Re: Your reading newspaper articles that provoke you. I keep looking at a few things online that upset me. Why? I don't know. I'm not involved nor going to involve myself in the debates, and yet they continue to upset me.

    It's true, I think, that humans don't seek happiness. We say we do, but our actions prove otherwise.