Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Stories: Hawaiian gods, cigarette smoking, and werewolves

Another issue of 101 Fiction is out! This time, I've got one tiny tale in the black-and-white-themed issue, 'Aumakua. Hawaiian gods and troublesome little girls!

The other stories are really wonderful, especially W.M. Lewis's Celebrity. Gobsmacked by this one. Read it!

The Husband is posted at my DA account, since it's original home, The Corner Club Press, appears to be defunct. "The Husband": I took a nap, and when I woke up, the dog on my chest had become a husband. Speculative fiction about Sudoko, drumming, and, er, friendliness. ;)

Exclamation points and emoticons! Have I been body-snatched by a teenage pod alien?

And one more, if you're in the mood for a bit more reading today: the November issue of Bloodbond is out, with short stories and poetry about shape shifters, and it includes my story, "In the Northern Territories." Werewolves, my friends. Werewolves. They can be great neighbors, as long as you abide peacefully.



  1. Jesus. Fucking . Christ.

    A new year is around the corner. I read everything. Write nothing. Even comments bear too much meaning to be writeable. My fearlessness gone missing.

    T wants to go to Asia. I want to recognise myself. I fear none of this will happen. M downloads Netflix and there we are; Marco Polo and so on.

    We really should have stayed young and stupid =(

    Happy Christmas?

    1. Happy Christmas, sort of, and New Year, and now the month is nearly half gone and I see this comment-love and well, here we are. And so on.

      There are some interesting things at The Toast, which is feminist and hilarious and sometimes takes itself a bit too seriously. You should read and feel in a different mindset. Only because, as I have lately discovered, my own minds needs a holiday from itself.

    2. Oh, well, half a year later I saw your reply. Went over to The Toast, but realised I searched only for you. One day I'll be properly interested, but it won't be today -- too happy to see you, you see :) I suppose this comment will get lost in space, but it is as it should be, I always imagine meeting you in space :)