Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fragrance, Six Word Story Contest

Six Word Story Contest. Just what it says! One entry per person, open until May 13th.

I don't think I'll enter, unless I actually think of one. So far, I've come up with a grand total of one, several days ago, written for someone else. I think mine might be, Why can't I use more words?


I haven't worn fragrance in years, but I do enjoy it. Recently, I ordered four samples from Theme Fragrance on etsy. I know that BPAL is quite popular, but I do wonder if it isn't solely based on their poetic descriptions. Many of the ingredients seem heavy and musky, and going by other people's reactions, you've got an approximately 1-in-10 chance of liking one. What I liked about Theme is that their ingredient list is short, the ingredients themselves simple and clean, and their feedback page is wonderful (and now I've left mine, too). In addition, the shipping was wicked fast, and the conversation I had with Theme was quick and very friendly. As for the fragrances:

Sarong: their bestseller, and I can see why. Vanilla/coconut with a bit of soft floral on the drydown. The sort of fragrance I could totally see people wearing on vacation. While the vanilla and coconut were apparent, it was a very sophisticated, womanly perfume.

Seashell: Grapefruit/citrusy. The grapefruit is entirely apparent, and the fragrance is very bright and pure. My only complaint is that all day, I kept imagining a butler standing just behind me, ready if I turned around: "Orange, madam?" Unlike the others, this didn't make a big difference in the drydown. Still a crisp citrus.

Lilavati: Mangoes and floral. Very mango-y at first, but it dried to a sort of sweet floral that I just didn't care for. It seems very familiar, though, and I imagine that many women would love love love this. Just not me, although I can see why others would appreciate its sophisticated, floral scent.

Amuse: Easily my favorite. By a mile. Described as "gourmand vanilla," I would probably agree. Like Sarong, it's absolutely elegant, with a nice drydown. I couldn't stop smelling myself! Every inhale was wonderful. Mr. LB loved it as well. This isn't some cheap, imitation vanilla scent -- there's divine, gourmet vanilla in there, but something else, as well. Also like Sarong, feminine. Womanly. I adored this. And dare I say it -- this might make some people not want to buy it -- it slightly reminded me of opening a fresh can of Play-Doh. Ahhhh. WONDERFUL.

All of the fragrances lasted an entire day, until I showered. And that was with only one or two spritzes. Very important: I'm really sensitive to fragrances, and none of them gave me a headache, not in the slightest. And finally, bright, pure scents with that sophisticated edge. Not heavy or musky at all. I'd try other samples from Theme, but I think I just need a small bottle of Amuse. It's something I can see wearing every day.

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