Saturday, April 17, 2010

Webcomic of love, Six word blaaaah

Thank you, Art of Darkness. Without you, I never would've read this: Alien vs. Pooh.

Tiggers doing what Tiggers do best. Eeyore -- I say no more. This is good stuff.


Six word stories:

Pineapples do not make good dildos.

Horseradish chases dream of first condiment.

His zipper: the borderlands of lust.

Oh, that last isn't very good. I was going for a "final frontier" or something. But really, beyond the zipper, there are other frontiers. Although, as a teenager, you might not realize that immediately.


Damn Thieving Octopus.

I couldn't stop smiling. A scuba diver finds an octopus in the seaweed. Immediately, the octopus attacks -- or does it? This is fabulous, with incredible music and some subtitles to tell you what's going on. It ends brilliantly, and even though I'm terrified of the ocean, I almost wish this had happened to me.

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