Monday, November 29, 2010

Up At Powder Burn: And I Know

Now up at Powder Burn Flash: And I Know

Thanks to Aldo, editor, for featuring me, and for saying re: my submission, "Well that was a nasty little surprise to wake up to." Hehe. I love noir.


If you've got a minute -- actually, a minute and fourteen seconds -- take a look at this animated film over on Deviant Art: The Great Jump by *boum. It earned a well-deserved DD, and the ending... wow. Just watch.

Since DA has begun allowing film as a category, these short little gems are cropping up more and more. Glad to see it. An amazing category of art.


  1. And I know: very moving because I really like the grandpa and you´ve given him an amazing voice. I hate it when something of vital importance is irrevocably ruined in the life of a character I feel for. This is a horrible story, not just because of the subject but also because of his powerlessness -- he can do damage control, but he can´t change what´s already done. Horrible, but very well written.

    Also: great title, and I love it when you set your stories in your city.

  2. No, you can't change what's already happened. And a lot of bad things have undeniably already happened to that poor little girl.

    I turn on the tv, and this is what's on the news every day. :(

    I love my city! Can't help it, I've grown fond of her over the years. Hard to believe I once detested this place.