Saturday, June 18, 2011

At Eaten Alive: Princesa; This Is It

She wore a three-thousand dollar necklace and nothing more.

In the fetid heat of Miami, a new breed of socialite emerges: Princesa.

Thanks once again to Christopher Grant at Eaten Alive for allowing my putrescence to ooze onto his page.

I'll lay off the zombies for a while, but only because I've been following a Plague Artist through the dark streets of a walled-in city, and his story is nearly told. Then who knows?


We watched This Is It last night, MJ's last "performance." While interesting, it never rose to the levels we expected: Where was the pathos? The shining moments of real glory? The man behind the jacket and sunglasses? While the concert undoubtedly would've been one for the ages (and B and I would've done just about anything to get tickets), the film sort of meanders and never takes a real road or makes a statement, never living up to the opening. Like the dancers auditioning in the opening scene, we were pumped. Near tears, I confess. But then... nothing. And just as I yawned for the ten-thousandth time, it ended. We were confused. That was it?

That was it.

Despite the film, I still hold that Michael Jackson is the greatest single performer of all time (the Beatles get best group), and his death an absolute tragedy. I also feel sad for those who didn't grow up with MJ. I was 11 when Thriller came out and changed the world. I remember being at my every-Saturday haunt, Great Skate, and putting down the rubber stop in front of the DJ booth, where they'd lowered a screen to show it. Everyone crowded there. Watched it in rapt silence. Freaked out when it was done.

You can never take back that first moment you heard Billie Jean or Beat It. And I was a loyal fan, all through the scandals and bizarre rumors and even HIStory, which has its moments of brightness. :) And I'm still a fan. Just... possibly not recommending this last film, which feels like a hollow attempt to make money off a dead man, and not the tribute it should've been.

I never had my own skates, btw. I always had to rent the brown, smelly ones with the bright orange stop. My spoiled cousin had her own shiny white ones, complete with pink pom-poms. God, I was jealous. I thought that if only I had white leather skates, my life would be complete. I lusted even then!

It's a Best Buy now. I drove by a couple of years ago on a trip to visit family in CT and saw that and just about cried. B said we could go in, but I couldn't do it.


  1. The first time I actually saw Thriller was in class. The teacher put it on. I'm not even sure why... but you just can't go wrong with werewolves and dancing zombies.

    Have you seen the Asian prison version? Pretty cool...

  2. The teacher put it in? Wow. Because even at the skating rink, there were people saying that kids shouldn't be "exposed" to it. (Different world than today, eh?)

    I've seen the prison video. It's much better than all the wedding ones. :)

  3. Yes, like him or not MJ is part of a lot of people's history's .. I haven't seen the film and as a non-fan even I am a ghoulish way just want to know if he was a 'vampire or a victim'..maybe a little of both..loving your pic..was it at a signing? Jae

  4. At the end of the film, I was still left with that question, "vampire or victim?" But I think it does do more to make you see the real, human MJ than some other venues, such as interviews in the past, which often come across as scripted and artfully arranged.

    The pic was from Free Comic Book Day: