Monday, September 12, 2011

Chapbook Giveaway and Recs

Deadly Chaps re-released my chapbook, Letters From The Egg Carton, on its one-year anniversary. Free to read online, but also available in a new print version.

Wot! I have copies of this new version? Yes! To give away? YES!

If you'd like a copy, please leave a comment to this entry with your email. Comments are screened and won't be published. Randomly, at some random time this week, I will put names in a hat or my panties and choose one at RANDOM.

And if you love the Short, Fast and Deadly format, a bounty of weirdness awaits in the 2010 "Best of" anthology. Two of the best pieces from each issue alongside that issue's cover. I burrowed my way in there. And again, free to download or available in print.

Wait! There's more!

Jenny Rossi had her own chapbook debut recently with Riches for One, Poverty for Two, which, if I am honest, is way better than mine. She's pretty awesome, actually. My review here.

Long Travel in the Universe by javiergpacheco

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