Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jenny Rossi is Deadly, and Here's the Proof

Jenny Rossi: Riches For One, Poverty for Two

Dickenson never left

her room much. Old hag.

Perhaps I am an acolyte, loving

too often the shadows of men,

never the men themselves.

---excerpt, Jenny Rossi, Riches For One, Poverty for Two

I once knew her age, this Rossi girl. I’ve forgotten, and file her under “young.” (which says vast oceans about my own physical state and mental) For once, I’m not jealous of brilliance in a young’un, and against my will, I’m smiling, smirking, shaking my head. This is one to watch.

You can have this book for free. Just download the PDF. Or you can buy a handmade collection of Rossi's prose. My suggestion? Buy it. Someday, you might run into her, and you'll want her to sign it, and you might just have it in your backpack (or D&G handbag, because by then you will SURELY have "made it"). Buy her a cup of coffee when you do. And then encourage her to go back home and write. By "encourage," I mean threaten in a soft tone of voice.

Because her writing is kind of bad-ass. Kind of tittering-she-doesn't-mean-that-does-she. Take "Lessons from the Middle Class," which may or may not have struck too close to home. Thank you, Miss Rossi, for there is the small bruise which writing should leave; I hope you are also bruised—but wait, every word is some small bruise on you, too. I’m happy about this.

Are there place-holders here, pages on which to pause, to take a breath before the next oh-so-gentle onslaught? Yes. As it should be. I can’t read continuously on the edge of a broken heart, even if it’s breaking for someone else, and not for myself. Here, she says, have a bit of pretty words, and now – swallow the broken glass.

Some pieces, like "Kerouac is Kool," reach warbling, cold depths, layers on layers that astonish. Very bad for the uncertain, tremulous heart. Unrecommended. You better be wise, and wary, if you're reading this. Rossi’s a culture wolf in sheep’s clothing. This kind of writing sways around the corner to dangerous.

I loves it, precious. Keep your eye on Jenny Rossi. (and here's her blog; "encourage" her to blog more)

Go get it. And while you're there, check out other authors in the Deadly Chaps line-up--hey, maybe even last year's. ;)

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  1. My deepest thanks to R.S. Bohn for a lovely review.