Friday, October 14, 2011

Damnation: A Friday Flash


Sly reflected that damnation was probably this: senility. Wondering constantly where your keys were, and why did you want them in the first place? Also, there was the matter of his car not being in the garage any longer, after Sly Jr. had come and taken it away. Sly tried to grump about a special hell being reserved for ungrateful, greedy sons, but he didn’t have the heart. After all, his boy was, really, just like his mother: pale-skinned and kind-eyed and far too concerned with making Sly live to a hundred.

If only Callie had been so concerned with her own self. He drank his calcium-fortified o.j. and stared at the spot on the carpet where he’d found her. He still stepped over it, still occasionally kneeled to touch it, still could not forget this one thing: that she’d left him first.


Thank you for reading. If you're looking for something a bit more witchy, may I suggest yesterday's microflash, The Witch's Lover?


  1. That was very powerful. I really like the melancholy feel to it, that is nicely countered with an oh so subtle humor to it.

  2. Damnation; so well written.
    Dog pic: wish I was sitting beside him and feeling the sun on my face.


  3. Damnation -- heee... Wonder what piece you finally decided to use. Looking forward to read it! (I mean if there is one, oh, anemic vampire queen =) Otherwise, I´m desperately scared of senility/dementia/lobotomy, and I struggled to write anything on damnation, I might have lost the touch I thought I had =( I´m convincing T to buy me a new cell phone -- right or wrong? Who can I convince to write porn for me?

  4. Hello, Rugosa. I would like to sit beside him for a bit and feel the sun, too. And a gentle breeze.

    A -- There is. I'm holding onto it for who knows what reason. It's stupid, really. I get the feeling it's been written a thousand times already. ANYWAY. Also frightened of dementia. Not so much lobotomy. If you ever come visit, I do promise not to lobotomize you. Porn, you say? *scurries off to email you*

  5. Sean -- Your comment just showed up. Hm. Blogger! Thank you for reading. I like a touch of humor, whatever the material.

  6. "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most."

    Very touching flash, Becky. It's one of my worst fears too, losing my mind. I think, maybe, because sometimes I feel on the edge of it, and my memory is appalling for my age... it's a tangible fear for me.

    I got your parcel, btw. Looking forward to having a good moment to settle in with a cup of tea and read it. ^_^

  7. Damn. Goddammit.

    That was excellent. What a truly good read.

  8. There is a quiet dignity here that makes him lovely, and even his moment of bitterness is something he seems to take out with relish.

    Wonderful character Becky, beautifully told.