Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fic rec: "Hot Damn" by Martha Stallman; OneWord

Martha Stallman, winner of Playboy's college fiction contest with Hot Damn, presents a blindingly funny, tragic story of a guy who just wants to get to the mailbox so he can pick up his Social Security check and pay the woman who gives him his "girlfriend experience."

Not only is this story a wry farce, but Stallman is another believer in the temple of Parentheses. I secretly love them. My love used to be more open, until a beta beat it out of me. I have now moved on to em dashes, and by god, I won't be swayed! 

Seriously, the story rocks. Totally read it. 


His Initials Were A.T.

The way he signed his name was pure artistry. I presented sheet after sheet of paper, until the house was his, my love growing with each flourish, each zip of a crossed ‘t’. And then it was finished, and he shook my hand.
It took me a week to master it. Every wall in every room covered with it. And now I need more. Starbucks in one hand, scissors neatly concealed in my purse, I walk to the door of his newest purchase, speech practiced so I won’t stumble over the words.
He opens the door and lets me in.
Who lets a mortgage broker in?
He smiles, I offer coffee, and the scissors grow heavy in my bag.

The above was brought to you by today's OneWord
I've been using it as my warm-up exercise for writing. I want to say more about what I've been working on, but I have become suddenly, powerfully superstitious. I was never like this. I always had no problem babbling on about projects. But not this time. 
So... Yeah. But feel free to tell me what you're working on!


  1. That was a "one word"???? *bowing down*

    Love that last line!
    You could, and should make this a full-sized piece.

    I'm working on ... stuff. My novel has stalled in the middle of the beginning phases. "Real life" is getting in the way of serious focus on anything, but I'm picking away at some shorts.
    (Not in a wedgie sort of way... wait ... maybe it is just that way...)

    Got something special coming up on Halloween, though. Stay tuned!

  2. Strange you say that, since a former One Word has blossomed into... more. *muffles self*

    Stalled. I hate that. Wherever it may occur. I always panic, thinking I'll lose the flow, the "luck," the tone, whatever it was I had with a piece that initially made me confident in it. And seriously, RL needs to get out of our way!

    Yay for some Halloween fic!!!!!! Finally, here at the end of the month, I'm ready to read some! I've been reading Stephen King this week, which is probably why, but anyway -- Bring it on!!!!