Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beta Reader Requested! -- All Set, Thanks!

Beta'd and ready to go out. Where, I do not know...

Beta needed: Spec-fic/romance, 5300 words. A little peyote before reading might be helpful.

Normally, I'd know who to ask, but I'm not sure who would be interested in this particular genre mash-up. So, if you've got some time to beta/crit, I'd appreciate it.


This little guy is so adorable. I must have him.

He stands 8 inches high, and is made out of fimo (yes!) and assorted other materials, like fur and wire. 

I wish I was gifted in the crafts department. Or drawing department. Or hair. HOW do people know what to do with their hair? HOW? 


1 comment:

  1. I definitely envy the hair people much more than the crafty or otherwise artistically talented. How often do the crafts come in to play. But your hair, your hair. People are looking at it every day. And in my case wondering why I don't do something with it. If only I could. I blame my mother. Teehee