Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ghost Story(?)

I don't believe in ghosts. My beliefs are complicated and changing, but in general, I don't believe that disembodied spirits are hanging around our houses, trying to communicate or make us leave. This is not to say that I don't love being scared and that I wouldn't write about ghosts, just that I don't believe it. I write about god wars and dragons, too. Same thing. Anyway.

Here's the thing. Something weird happened, and I'm pretty sure I've got an answer for it, but since I am not able to collect proof, I'll just tell you about it and let you draw your own conclusions. As for me, I love thinking about it and getting that delicious thrill every once in a while.

I needed a new clock radio. No, I did not buy one that was mysteriously possessed by a demon from another plane (though my iPhone may be, I'm not real sure on that one). Sunday afternoon, I went upstairs with my new clock radio and attempted to set it. It kept blinking 12:00 at me, even though the instructions were quite clear and simple. I got frustrated and yelled for B, who was watching a movie downstairs, to come up and help me.

He paused the movie and came up, and we sat on the edge of the bed and he helpfully read the instructions to me. Our two dogs and two cats were up there as well, everyone lying about being helpful while the clock continued to blink 12:00. And then, in the silence of all that helpfulness, we heard someone say, "Hello!" from downstairs in the living room. A sort of, "Hello! Anybody home?" kind of "hello." We froze, then B jumped up and ran downstairs, grabbing a curtain rod that I've been meaning to put up on his way.

There was no one downstairs. The front door was locked, the movie paused (so it wasn't the t.v.). He went outside, but our neighborhood was quiet, no one out, not even a car going down the street. He went around the outside of the house, then checked the rooms inside, including the basement. Meanwhile, all the pets were unfazed, even though I saw one of the dog's ears go up when we heard the "hello."

I crept down the stairs, with the box for the clock radio as my weapon should there be an intruder. And then he looked at me. "You heard that, right?" I did, I said.

Freaky looks were exchanged, and then he shrugged it off, while I have continued to privately thrill. A ghost! Saying hello!

Probably not. But the neighbors on either side were gone for the weekend, so I've really got no good answer. Part of me says there is an answer, but if that answer is not the scientific one and a ghost does reside in our house, I'm glad he's the friendly chap kind of ghost and not the melting-face, screaming kind.

*Ghost-vamp by soulofblood


  1. Hi! This little ghost story is one for the WTF file. Wonder it the radio could be turned on for a split second even though it was blinking?

    Hope you've been well. I just wanted to take a moment to check in see what you've been up to. I hope this comment posts, but I've never been able to get mine to upload from my LJ.

    (((hugs you)))

  2. I'm like you - I don't believe in ghosts, but there is a part of me that wants to, that's collected a few 'freaky moments' like the one you explained that are still left unexplained.

    What cracks me up is that the 'ghost or whatever it was' said hello in a friendly manner, and B grabs a curtain rod (like any of us would do). Poor, lonely ghost just wanted to make a friend. ; )

  3. Hi, Beffey. Very nice to hear from you. I hope all is well in your corner of the earth and that no ghosts are haunting you.

    Erin--A few freaky moments. Yes. I've got those as well. Still clinging to rational thought, but you know how our writerly imaginations are wont to go. :)

  4. Well, maybe it was me. I can be loud =)

    (I´m with you: don´t believe in ghosts but have had strange moments. Have no answers)

  5. Oh, I love this story.

    And the clock? Did you manage to set it?

    I'm convinced it was a doppelganger clock.

  6. In a dark room, and especially alone, I can make myself believe in most anything. A curious mystery.

  7. ha ha...had to comment on this one! Ready for a "GHOST" story Mass, late at night after visiting the witches museum in Salem...reading a book, people downstairs lights can be seen from downstairs.....

    decide to go to sleep. turn off light and lay there or nice and warm...all of sudden a little cookoo clock chimes by the two twins beds (I was in one of them). Didn't think to much of it...until I looked at the doorway and there was a light (like tinkerbell) coming towards me. "commercial now" This house is over 200 yrs old and has been in the family for about that long. Supposedly it had once been a funeral home but that is not the ghose. My friends Mom died in the house where she suffered with cancer for more than 5 years. I never had met her but had talked to her on the phone...nice lady. "commercial over"...the light came closer and stopped in front of me. I looked at it and just said "Hi Mrs D. How are you. Thank you for inviting me for Xmas and I will tell Laura that I said hello". Rolled over and went to sleep.

    Okay...this is where it gets scary. Next day told Laura about what had happened and when I got to the clock part her eyes got real wide and she just stared at me.....ready....the clock had not worked in two years...bwahahahaha

    Happy Holidays Darlin.....