Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Only" up at 101, and Upcoming Work

It's true. I do, on occasion, write something. 

I realize my output seems slow this year, but "Only" is now available to read at John Xero's 101 Fiction:

And if a hundred words aren't enough, then just wait a short while: In the upcoming month, "The Pellet" will appear at Jake's Monthly, "Itch" at the Best of Title Goes Here, and "Judith of the Lions" at Three-Lobed Burning Eye. All are short stories with enough horror and fantasy to satisfy all but you gore-festers.

"The Pellet" and "Judith of the Lions" were both nearly a year in the making. I'm very pleased with the quality of the stories, and have figured out that writing slowly and not rushing the words onto the page, along with constant editing, creates the best possible work -- by me. I can't speak for anyone else; some out there turn out brilliance in minutes.

In the meantime, I've got two other short stories that are in the final stages (which could mean another three months, LOL!). And there's the on-going book, which feels like it's already been written, but that's just because it's been in my head for a year now. 

Writing bios is hard work. None of mine are factual, by the way. Take them with a grain of salt.

See ya around the zombie pit.


  1. I think the only rule that means anything is "Write what you need to write, to make it the best you can, however you need to do it."

    (Oh - and "always write" and "finish what you write" - those are important too.)

    I've digressed. Loved the story!

    1. "Always write." Yes! That's rule number one.

      I love reading those top ten lists where authors state their own personal rules of writing. Some make me laugh, some exasperate me, and some are truly enlightening.