Wednesday, October 3, 2012


We decided to combine households but nothing in the contract said souls. So I left mine neatly wrapped in snow outside the kitchen door, and he hid his in the basement, how cliche. But when summer came and mine stood exposed, how I wished I had chosen dank and dark and spidery instead.


A OneWord for today.

It's October. A favorite month. How many wish their birthday was in this month? We made a fire last night and sat outside until our clothes and hair smelled like smoke. I imagined dragon eggs in the middle of the red-hot logs, because I'm geeky like that. 

Happy writing and haunting to you, little ghost-writers. 


  1. Blogger is making a habit of swallowing my comments! I bet this one won´t make it either =(

    But if; your poetic stories make me smile -- this one is beautiful.

    And I loved "Only"! It messed with my head, made me want to skip sleep and stay up all night and write =) Tried to comment on-site, but alas.

    Just realised; you won´t get this comment. No one will read it, it´s the invisible comment -- freedom! I can totally write anything! Except... if I do that, I bet it´s gonna reach you this time and then people will read it... Hmm... Horse-porn!!! There, it´s coming through =)

    1. The robots enjoy tormenting you. Yes, it's true, we always harass the ones we love. Or paddle them.

      If I could hide my soul, I would probably hide it somewhere awful and easy to find. I'm no Dark Lord.

  2. God!!! Fuck!!! It worked! I knew it! Sorry!

  3. Replies
    1. I swore when I read that. :) You lucky devil.

      Happy birthday month. Here's wishing you 31 days of cider and tigers and fantastic astronauts. (wait, that's *my* birthday wish... LOL)