Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Judith of the Lions now at 3LBE

I am very proud to announce that "Judith of the Lions" is now up at Three-Lobed Burning Eye:

3LBE -- Issue 22
3LBE publishes some stellar spec fic, and the recent issue, with only six stories, is stunning. 

The lead story, "Ladybird," is beyond fabulous. I was hooked immediately, by the voice, the imagery, and the *outstanding* story itself. Glorious, tragic fantasy about a siren who breaks the rules in search of something else, something *more* -- something even she does not quite understand. If you only read one story (er, besides mine, of course :) ), read "Ladybird."

The rest of the collection is filled with intriguing, imaginative worlds. "Riding Atlas", about a young man's desperate desire to keep his girlfriend, even when she suggests something almost unthinkable, is horrifying and beautiful. It also made me squirm, but despite my discomfort, I had to keep reading. The collection is like that -- absolutely must-read to the finish.

And of course, my short story, "Judith of the Lions," appears as well. In the aftermath of a scientific experiment gone wrong, Judith struggles to understand her place -- and her kinship with a new breed. 

There's zombified lions, y'all.

Take a half hour and read all the stories in the new issue of 3LBE. For me, it was the best reading I've had in some time.


  1. I totally loved this story when I first read it, a while back. I knew it would 100 % find a home, and am so happy for you that it did. Just seeing the title, reminded me how much I loved it! Congrats.

    1. Thank you, Sean, both for your kind words now and for the help you gave me back then. "The Weird Stuff" always needs another pair of eyes, if only to confirm that we are -- yes -- both crazy. :)

  2. This beautiful work will haunt me for a long time coming. Your prose had a wonderfully melodious tone that belied the escalating dread. The dying and deserted landscape was a perfect metaphor for Judith’s spiritual and physical breakdown. I could feel my own fingers itching to touch that soft lion fur; the life no longer attainable in a world of fences and dust. Really good stuff.

    1. Angel, thank you so, so much for reading and leaving a comment here. I can't tell you how much that means regarding this particular story. I could hug you. :)

  3. Simply gorgeous work in this one. The whole thing had a dream like quality to it, that was borne up by the steady decent into nightmare. Zombie lions - and you made them beautiful and tragic.

    Well done.