Monday, February 10, 2014

Little Talks: more vampires in Prague

Little Talks

Now that the vampires have stopped confiding in him, Stan is feeling somewhat bereft. Centuries of secrets--oh, little things, but still! He was almost party to them. Almost there at the moment Mina broke the vase and refused to admit it. Almost there when Count D forgot to tip a bellhop, and bathed in shame, cannot return to that hotel in Budapest. How mundane they'd seemed, how petty. But now they've told him all, and what more use does a vampire have for a small time bookie? They've lost a few coins, true, but more precisely: unburdened the place where their souls used to sit. Now there is room for something else, but what, they will not tell him.

Eugene Atget, The Confessional

I am bound and determined, apparently, to prove that vampires are as boring as you and me. :)

Inspired by OneWord.

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