Saturday, July 3, 2010

Various and Sundry, Fireworks at the end

Glimmer Glass 1 -- #33 by courier_iii over at the DoorsWindowsWalls photography community on LJ, one of my favorites.

Happy Fourth of July, America.


L.R. Bonehill has a new flash fic over at Cast Macabre: Lock and Key. If you're not familiar with CM, it's horror read aloud. Some longer stories, some short. Bonehill's runs 5:46. I quite enjoyed it.


Darren "Jaz" Vincent runs a bookstore in Charlotte, NC -- but didn't read a book for pleasure until he was nearly 30. His story is inspiring (ah, the cliche!), yes, but it's also a testament to following the signs in your life. I was just talking to a friend yesterday about signs and "coincidences," and if our talk yesterday didn't convince her that she should be writing a certain story (I'm looking at you, Shell!), then maybe this will add more motivation.

Thanks to Michael J. Solender over at the NOT for linking.


Book review: Please, Ma'am, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.

Please, Ma'am is a short story collection of erotica featuring male submissives.

I read that and said, "Sign me up! Now! How fast can it get here?" Luckily, it arrived quickly, and even better, it turned out to be full of high-quality writing. While I came across the occasional oblique cliche (there was, indeed, a weeping cock), it was a joy to read. Every scenario was different, presenting facets of the submissive male I previously hadn't considered. In fact, that may be the book's only downfall: I have a specific idea of my perfect male sub, and some of the set-ups did not appeal to me. The stories were still engaging, however, and I enjoyed all of them.

But when it comes to the hotness factor, two stories did it for me. The opening story, "I Live To Serve," by Teresa Noelle Roberts is probably closest to my fantasy relationship with a male sub -- and what a sub Roberts gives us. Leo and Milady have an obviously close, loving relationship, which only added extra dimension to their play. Also, unbearably hot. :) The last story, "I'll do it. For her." by Graydancer is a powerhouse, a look into the submissive male's mind that is at once open, honest, raw, and sublimely (heh) gorgeous.

But just because those two stories stand out for me does not mean that you won't find a variation between them that does it for you. Powerful men, lost men, fetishes -- all centered by some very powerful women.

Definitely recommended.


  1. Darren Vincent's story was awe-inspiring! I know from experience about inner voices and coincidences pushing one along one's path. But his was no mere push! His guide practically hit him upside the head, lol! Perhaps that's what it took for him to listen and believe. It really is gratifying to read of this happening to others. I harbor a belief that this could potentially happen to EVERYONE. The trouble is, most people either ignore the inner voice, thinking that they are imagining things, have learned not to take coincidences seriously, or suffer from a case of the "shoulds"; I SHOULD get a job with a big corporation, with benefits, yaddayaddayadda.... Perhaps it worked to his benefit that he had literally nothing; he had nothing to lose. Most people have much more, but are not happy in what they are doing, but loath to change it because at least it is what they are used to. Anyway, thanks for the link!

  2. *is lost for words*

    For us to be talking about that kind of stuff, then you fall into that story about DV, aye yi yi... My head is spinning. SPINNING I TELL YOU.

    I hear your motivation...

    And I agree with Mimi, I don't know if she will see this post from me, but she is so right. Most do ignore inner voices and such.

    Thank you for the link--I have some major thinking to do.

    And I do know how you love your subs! hahahaha.