Sunday, March 27, 2011


My first piece up at the 6S Social Network:
A direct off-shoot of Six Sentences, where, you might guess, stories must be told in six sentences, no more, no less. My piece over there, At The Last Minute, is probably the most romantic thing I’ve written. At least, I felt it was. I’m not exactly what you might call a “romantic.” But I guess even bitches have a romantic thread running somewhere through their body, waiting for that certain person to come along and pull and unravel all that hard work, all that effort we’ve put into being a castle, a wall, a tower without a Rapunzel.

Art by Byron Eggenshwiler, via.


  1. Great piece, Rebecca. Left a comment over there.

  2. Intriguing. I read both and At The Last Minute shows the difference between drabbles and six sentences, since the words don't count it enables longer sentences with a more meandering style. Genuine is more direct. I had to comment here after reading them both because they made me think about voice and how it can be manipulated.

  3. I like them both very much. I prefer "At The Last Minute" because yes, it´s romantic, but that´s presented in contrast to her very recognizable feelings of inadequacy. I love a story where human fragility gets a happy ending =)

  4. Thank you, guys.

    Aidan--It's got me thinking about words, making them count, using them for style and voice. With the Prediction, it's more difficult to accomplish, but boy, does it teach you about making every single word count. Six Sentences, in contrast, almost feels indulgent. It's tempting to get wordy and just call it a long, long sentence.

    Asuqi--Yes, romantic. :) I'm glad you read that into the piece, about fragility getting a happy ending. I admit that it was a sort of metaphor for myself and what I want. Indulgent. (Ooh, looks like that is the Word of the Day)

  5. Yes, but could that WoD be applied to someone dark and snarky putting his large nose between someone´s... Oh *gigglesnort* sorry =)

  6. I really enjoyed your 6s. That was fantasic, so visual and the words just float right off the screen.

    Isn't that what true romance really is though? The little things such as a touch across the shoulders when you may not feeling the best about yourself....