Saturday, March 19, 2011

On writing; Warble; wallpaper

Courtesy of The Rejectionist, writing:

a career that is almost entirely out of your control--a series of petty humiliations and ongoing miseries that one endures for the sake of those rare and perfect moments of transcendence, when one crosses over into another world, another body, another story than one's own.

Dear lord, does this ever sum up the experience of being a writer. For me, at least.

This quote is from Le R's review of an HP Lovecraft play currently in NYC. I'm quite sad as the odds of the play reaching Detroit (or me going to NYC) are slim to none.


My piece from last week's Prediction: Warble. In which I wonder at the origins of song, and dig at an answer.


And last, this divine wallpaper, an aerial shot of trees in B.C.:

Via Adventure Journal, which has a free wallpaper every Wednesday.


  1. What a beautiful piece you submitted when judging at Lily's. I had to show it to my loved one - we prodded and nodded at it. All jealously. I am so glad you shared it.

  2. You showed it to your loved one! That is very special. I thank you heartily.