Sunday, March 13, 2011

Madness in March; 5 x 5; Friday Prediction -- a great night for thrilling the soul

For your pleasure:

Chris Allinotte isn't really a sports guy. So he says. Isn't writing a sport? Bloodsport? God, it seems like it some days. Instead of getting into March Madness, he's presenting Madness in March, and the first entry is Laurita Miller's Paranoia. (or, as Laurita is known here, Patient #110313) This story is short and clever, and I don't want to say more -- find out for yourself.

Angel Zapata presents issue one of 5x5: Murder, monsters and mayhem. Five sentences, five words each. I didn't take up the challenge--it baffled, it frothed, it vexed! But I might next time around. Now my brain is thumping to the five-by-five beat. Go take a look. Maybe you'll write something for Angel? (and coincidentally, Chris Allinotte, that smart-assed Canadian referenced above, has a couple pieces in this issue)

And lastly, the entries are already washing ashore onto the gritty sands of the fantastic and horrible: Lily's Friday Prediction. This has got to be one of the best weeks ever; I can't believe the fic this week, it's all stellar. Two things you need to know: the words this week are lock, resemble, and garland. Second?

I'm guest judge.

So give me your best story in 100 words or less. Trust me, I'm salivating for it. Don't make me beg.

Baner by phciu at puka_pudge on LJ. They knock out some really beautiful and dark icons and banners over there.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Rebecca! The first day's off to a great start. Laurita's story amazed me at how creepy it managed to be, inside such an elegantly crafted framework!