Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Killer Chick's e-pub stats; Free Things!

Jennifer Colgan of the Killer Chicks did a short stats review of her recent self-pub/e-pub of her out-of-print titles. If you'd like the rundown, click here. I found it interesting, and I'd like to see more authors do this, though I don't suppose it can be expected.

The Killer Chicks' blog is highly recommended for all sorts of discussions of the writing world.


And now, free things!

Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware! is the author of two fantasy novels. The first, The Arm of the Stone, is available free this month as an e-book from Phoenix Pick. And the sequel, The Garden of the Stone, is half-price. What a deal!

Over at The Leaky Pencil, Chris Allinotte is offering free e-book copies of Eight Days of Madness, an anthology of twisted, rusty-coat-hanger-of-the-psyche stories from his recent Madness in March. Some great authors in this anthology with tales to tell of people losing their minds (OR ARE THEY).

Here is adorable vintage teapot clipart. Maybe you will use it to make me a card with a glittery, magical teapot. A collage of teapots, or teapot and bunnies. I am very generous in letting you choose here. It's all about creative freedom.

This last item is not free BUT IT IS PORN:

I got excited when I thought there was a new press devoted to audiobooks of steampunk erotica. How cool would that be? But alas, I misunderstood. However, over at Forbidden Steam and Morbid Romantica, you can find out about a publisher of erotica who does only offer audiobooks. The cool part? They have books for men and women, and you can choose to have your book read by a male or female voice. They do genre fic, I see, and offer levels of erotica, from GoodGirl (*yawn*) to hardcore.


I start my new job today. I'm excited/terrified. Wish me luck. I've got a terrible cold, but I don't want to call out on my first day. I'm in bad shape, though.

I thought I had a new horror short story up today, but the place that accepted it just published their monthly web edition, and I'm not in it. However... they do a print edition each quarter, and it comes out next week. They asked me a few days ago for an updated bio, so is it possible I misunderstood and my crazy/freaky/gross horror story will be in print next week? Whooo, that would be cool.

Have a nice Thursday, folks.


  1. Those were some intersting sales figures and the front page of the KC website is really cool looking.

    Good luck on the new gig, hope you feel better. I hope I get to read your SS when it gets published. Always enjoy your writing!

  2. Sean--Interesting. I'd love to compare with other books, but I don't suppose most authors are keen on offering that info up.

    Thanks so much. :)

  3. Good luck with the new job - I hate being the 'new person', but as a result am always nice to them. Hope the same happened to you.

    OH, and by the by "This last item is not free BUT IT IS PORN:" line had me about ruptured with laughter.

  4. It is nice when author's share their sales figures. Another one I've run across on the net was Tobias Buckell posted his experience experimenting with price.

    Hope the new job started well!

  5. Jenny -- Been sick, so I'm just catching up now. I'm still the "new person," but it's been such a great experience so far that it's all been just fine.


    Aidan -- It is really nice of them, and I wonder if I'll have the guts to do the same when the time comes. I think I should. Thank you so much for the link; I was absolutely fascinated, and just loved it. I'll link to it in an upcoming blog post, actually. People need to read this stuff. Thank you again!