Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Story at Title Goes Here!

Thrilled to be in the newest issue of Title Goes Here with my short story, "Itch." Like horror? Ever had a bit of the grungy, itchiness between your toe? Muahahahahaha!

TGH is by Misanthrope Press, and it's published in both print form and .pdf. Aside from my chapbook, this is the first time I've had a short story in print, and I'm filled with devilish excitement. Issue 7 is 52 pages long and has great artwork as well, so check it out and buy a copy! Please? *puppy dog eyes*


On the heels of my recent post about an author publishing the stats of their e-book sales comes this highly informative article by mid-list author Tobias Buckell. Graphs! Charts! Intriguing numbers, and I appreciate the work that went into his pricing/sales experiment. Definitely worth a look -- it's food for thought. And honestly, getting numbers like this really brings reality home; you may hear over and over that being a writer means making no money and that you shouldn't expect much, regardless if you choose traditional publishing or self or e-pub, but in the backs of our minds, are we not thinking we are all the next Amanda Hocking or JK Rowling? Indeed.

Thanks so much, Aidan Fritz, for the link.


Island Coconut recently came back in stock; it's one of the most popular K-cups for the Keurig ever, and it's only a seasonal flavor. I got two boxes pronto, because even though I'm not a big coffee drinker, I absolutely love being in the kitchen in the morning when B is brewing his. Every single time, I feel transported. Crazy, I know, but if inhaling a little coffee aroma makes me so happy, who am I to complain or feel silly?

I also bought the TEAser tea infuser. I'm hugely into tea, and loose tea is certainly superior to bagged. My only issue is that, throughout the years, I've yet to find an infuser that is convenient and easy to use, and that doesn't finish infusing while still leaving leaves in my tea. The closes I came was the Bodum, and I do love my Bodum; it makes stellar coffee as well. But still, I searched for something better. The TEAser was a special of the day, and after watching the accompanying video, I got pretty excited and ordered it. Having used it quite a bit for the past two weeks, I can report that it not only works as expected, but that I'm over the moon about it. Hands down, best infuser ever.

The single review is positive, though the reviewer worries about the apparent delicate nature of the lid. Considering how incredibly clumsy I am, this has performed well in that area as well. Very impressed. In fact, I'm drinking a nice Irish Breakfast tea right now!


That's it for today. My new job (while still working old one as well) is taking a lot of my time and energy, and I've been working diligently on a novel. More on that at the end of the month. And I'm reading the best book in a while, "Winterlong" by Elizabeth Hand. So far, 2011 has not been a year for good reading, hence the low number of book reviews. I swore not to write anymore negative reviews, so... Yeah. But Winterlong is astounding, and unless it has a terrible ending, I will probably be giving this one a "must read!" review. Have a great Sunday, everyone!


  1. Great news about Itch - congratulations!

    Strangest tea I ever had was in India where the tea, yak's milk and sugar were all brewed together in a copper vessel. Personally, I like a mild Darjeeling and hubby's rather prone to Rose Pouchong.

    Hope all's well with you me dear?

  2. Congrats with Itch, Rebecca, and just as importantly good luck with all your writing, especially your novel!


  3. Lily -- Yak's milk, mm. I would definitely try it. Darjeeling is too mild for me; the stronger, the better. If it can sit up and slap my face in the morning, all right!

    David -- Thank you very much!

  4. Squeeeeee!!!!!!! Another one to add to the list of many to come! Congrats, B, this is great, great news!
    I am really sure you are Ms.Busy with the two jobs--just take some time to yourself before you get too tired, eh?
    And you just keep pumping out that novel! YOu can do it!!!

  5. Congratulations on Itch!

    I only drink coffee in Sweden; I'll be on the dark stuff in a couple of weeks. Mostly this is because of company fika's where everyone takes a coffee break together and I learned that with correct brewing/doctoring coffee can taste good.

  6. Congratulations on Itch being published!

    I've following the ebook sale vs traditional publishing debate for a while now. I think it is possible to make a decent living that way and there are writers out there who are making four figure sums every month. So, it can be done.

  7. Aidan--Perhaps try a French Press when you're home. I use a Bodum, and it's got a cult following. The difference between that and coffee brewed normally is astounding.

    Ellie--Thanks. And yes, anything is possible. :)

  8. Hi RS - have missed you around the prompt sites of very pleased for your success..have 'followed' along so as to keep on reading..Jae

  9. Hi, Jaerose! I've missed the prompt communities, as well. 3WW and Lily's Friday Prediction are my favorites, but it's been so hard. Working two jobs, so devoting what little time is left to working on the book (a few hundred words at a time). Hopefully, it'll change in a couple weeks and then you'll all be sick of me, LOL! I do miss your 3WW contributions. You've got such a graceful touch with language, and so perceptive.