Monday, April 4, 2011

Writing Advice from The Rumpus; Pics; Book Review:"Night Animals" by Brecht Evens

At The Rumpus, their slogan is: Write Like A Motherfucker!
I found this seriously inspiring today. I would get their mug, but the slogan's in the shape of a heart. Which sort of takes the punch out of the phrase. So I think I'll just write it in big, black sharpie on a piece of paper and stick it to the wall. Also inspiring: a conversation with Shell about fiction blending mythology and reality in mind-blowing ways. I got so pumped that I re-wrote the intro to my book, and it rocked! Then I wondered if the beginning of any YA novel should have "whore" three times in the first thousand words. And then I decided that I am writing like a motherfucker and I can use that word whenever I wish.
Been too "safe" lately, anyway.
I've been saying goodbye to some clients because they'll find it too far to travel to find me in my new salon. Here is one of them, Napoleon:

We have a torrid affair of the heart every time we see each other. Here he is saying, "You know I cannot live without you. I will tell my people to bring me to you. Until then, my sweet, I will wail at the moon in my misery."

Read the coolest little graphic novel, "Night Animals" by Belgian cartoonist, Brecht Evens.

A wordless diptych with a central theme of sexuality, Evens tells two stories in a gorgeous, R. Crumb-esque pen-and-watercolor style that I adored. A reviewer points out hints of Gorey as well, which is certainly evident in the darkness of the way the theme is handled, not just the art itself. Note that this might offend some, particularly the second story of a (very) young girl's coming-of-age. For more details, click on the review.

This will be difficult to find. It just appeared in my local comics book store, and they only received one copy. I saw it on a shelf along with other, "arty" books, flipped through it and was intrigued. I'm pleased to have it, as despite having no text, I pored over the pages and took my time with this. The pamphlet itself has a rich, expensive feel to it, and the quality combined with the art and provocative stories makes for a very nice collectible. If you can find it, I'd certainly pick it up. It's just such a wondrous, fantastical little book.

Sorry about the text size changes. Blogger is being exceptionally difficult at the moment, and I'm just about out of patience.
Until next time, friends.


  1. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, that's a cute pic.

  2. "Write like a motherfucker" is a heavenly concept =)

    I don´t have any local comics book stores -- poor me. I wish I had a huge indie magazines book store with a comics section, that would improve things!