Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Instrument of Fate now up at The Lorelei Signal

The Instrument of Fate is now in the current issue of The Lorelei Signal, with art by Lee Kuruganti. The Lorelei Signal is a fantasy zine featuring strong female characters. The story:

Moria, one of the ancient Fates, has the difficult task of keeping the newest
incarnation of Death in line. A task made more difficult by his 'I don't care about
this job' attitude -- and even more difficult when she must defend him from
termination. But there is something more powerful at work: could the mortal she
chose to replace the last incarnation be the ORIGINAL incarnation returned as
God promised he would after the rebellion in Heaven?

Having just re-read it, I was in tears. I'm not sure if it was the memories of writing that story, or that it became something beyond me, with characters that took on a life of their own. Even Erik, that bad boy, made me pity and love him. Anyway, I'm glad to have written it, and I hope you'll take a few minutes to read (or re-read) the tale yourself.


Currently reading GRRM's "A Dance With Dragons," and dare I say at this young juncture that it's worth the wait? Still holding my breath a bit, but overall, I'm remembering why I loved Martin's writing, his honesty in storytelling and his ability to fully flesh a character, no matter how small. The deaths, they are already coming. It is GRRM, after all. *g* But I am sincerely enjoying this, relishing everything, and trying not to rush.

And I'm realizing how much I've forgotten. What I've forgotten is EPIC. How does Martin remember it all? He must have walls covered in notes. May I never be filled with the flame of desire to write a seven-novel series. Goodness.

And now I make a prediction: The Wall will fall. Jon Snow will be forced back -- and to the seat of his father's reign. Ultimately, he will join forces with Daenerys, and it will be her dragons (one ridden by Tyrion! A ha!) that annihilate the undead Others.

That's a pretty simple prediction, leaving out lots of characters. But I'm going to go with it for now. Got one? Leave it here.


  1. Ah, darling Death and Moira -- still one of your best =)

  2. It has a subtle touch, with a lot of texture beyond the main strokes of self-discovery and lost love. I love the little touches of gameplay (how do you keep the millennia interesting?) and even the side characters have such personality.

    Wonderful ending, too. =)

  3. Congratulations on The Instrument of Faith!

    The New Yorker had an article on GRRM and if I recall correctly, it touched on how he manages to get his details right.

    BTW, I was listening to Androids while I read this.

  4. Aidan, thanks for the article. Aside from how he does what he does writing-wise, I will say that, based on his LiveJournal presence for the past five years, I've had a particular opinion on his priorities, and this really made me see him a bit differently. (I was definitely one of the "JUST WRITE THE DAMN BOOK, GEORGE!" folk)

    Enjoy Androids!

  5. I loved "Instrument." Now I'll just have to run off and gobble up more of your stories.

    (Pardon how long it's taken me to make it over here after you commented on my blog - I've just gotten back from vacation.)