Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Swedish Music; "Androids" re-covered; Strange Horizons poetry that rocked my world

Ethereal, whimsical music by Musettes, a Swedish band outside of Stockholm. Something to listen to while you read -- and put a smile on your face.

Coucou Anne by Musettes

The Fox is Black held a contest: re-cover the sci-fi classic, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick. The results are astounding, and there are so many, that it would be hard to choose a favorite. Jaw-dropping creativity.

While Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies -- perhaps my very favorite -- the book did little for me. As the mod at Fox says, it's best to see it as inspiration. The movie is certainly not a literal translation of the book, more like, "Take these ideas and run!" Dick's writing tends to leave me cold, anyway, but I would say to anyone who loves Blade Runner that you ought to consider giving the book a read. It's not long, and it has its own merits.

And last, poetry: Foxes by Jamieson Ridenhour. I won't say much about this, other than, "Go read this. Now." Strange Horizons does tend to have some of the best poetry around.


  1. Hi Rebecca, being a sci-fi lover Blade runner is amongst my all time favourites, I even name it on my profile. I have read the book "Do androids dream of electric sheep" and I agree that this is one of those rare occasions where the film is far better than the book.

  2. It is a rare occasion. How often does this happen? And in this case, the film is spectacular.

    There are a few other Blade Runner fans around here. We do love our sci-fi -- and androids.

  3. Hello!
    I have a chapbook coming out on the 19th of August - and wondered if you would be willing to review it???

    I completely understand if you are too busy at the moment - but would love to have you onboard.

    Thanks so much, regardless!


  4. Jenny, firstly, congratulations! Second, email me:

    gshep72 AT sbcglobal DOT com

    kiss, kiss,


  5. Take my late, late comment... =)

    The music: sweet, corny and naive in the best possible way.

    Well, you know how I get around anything Blade Runnery... I´ve always loved that title "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" simple, to the point and fucking poetic! And those covers -- oh, lá lá! I´m thinking of printing my favourite one =)

    I love foxes too, may your reccs never cease!


  6. Yes, sweet and corny! I feel like a six year old eating cotton candy while listening.

    Did you see that now Fox is Black is running a NEW re-covered contest? For... OMG... Jane Eyre. My favorite book ever.


  7. Oh dear. I've sent and re-sent, but Microsoft Exchange keeps telling me 'unable to sent, delivery delayed'. I've about all the technical savvy of a wind-up toy regardless. Just to double check, the e-mail I sent it to was:
    gshep72 AT sbcglobal.com

    If possible, do you have a back up addy to sent it to?

  8. Oh my fuck. So sorry. It's .net not .com

    Jenny, I'm sorry!!!!!! Send again.

  9. Whew. I was really doubting my already limited experience with technology.
    Will sent again! Thanks!!

  10. I love Blade Runner -- not so much something I saw as something that happened to me. The book is very peculiar and pretty much demonstrated to me what a great eye the script writers had. Reading it was pretty much: weird... weird... android sheep farming... blade runner... weird... blade runner.... weird... weird... blade runner... etc. Probably heresy on my part, though I guess P. K. D did write Blade Runner, with lots of 'weird' in between. St.