Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beautiful Chaos!

Do you ever say, "I never win anything"? I do. But last week, I was happily surprised to find that I'd won a contest jointly held by Theme Fragrance and EcoShag.

From EcoShag, I received a gorgeous, luxurious handmade ocean blue infinity scarf -- which of course it's been far too hot to even consider wearing, but it's so beautiful.

And from Theme, I decided to choose something completely different than my usual scents: I chose Beautiful Chaos based on name alone. :)

Fresh, green woods blended with jasmine, a nice touch that takes the flowery scent to a more sophisticated level.

I already have Amuse and Sarong by Theme, and I have my eye on a few more scents. I'm highly impressed by Theme; the shipping is crazy fast, and not only are the perfumes handmade, but the packaging is sweet and she always includes little extras, such as gorgeous postcards, a sample of her handmade lip balm (to die for -- and I'm a lip balm junkie), and this time, a darling little hairpin with a purple flower. Also, I've got to say that while I previously ordered perfume sprays, this time I chose a roll-on, and I adore it. I'll stick with it in the future.

Thank you so much, Theme Fragrance and EcoShag. You really made my week.


In other news, I caved to the massive time-suck that is Pinterest and got an account. I've got barely anything on my boards, but if you want to check mine out -- and Pinterest in general -- here ya go.

I had already bookmarked six different Pinterest accounts that I checked out every couple of days, so I figured it would be easier to just sign up and follow them. :) Plus, now I'm looking for cool pins everywhere. It kind of reminds me of Deviant Art, in a way, as it resembles how I've got my faves collected over there. But you can't beat the way they're displayed on Pinterest.

All right. My new reward for writing is Pinterest -- no Pinterest unless I write xxx words! And blogging doesn't count. So I'm off like a prom dress.

Much love from the beautifully scented chaos girl herself,



  1. I wear one scent; Poison (the original) from Dior, it works on me like nothing else does. I never win so I don´t compete. My lip balm is the army´s, I can fry meat in it if necessary, I´ve used it for decades. I love that name: Beautiful Chaos, I wish I were just that. Pinterest, ah! I joined and then I realised I used my real name and I chickened out and quit my account. I´ve tried to make them invite me again but, alas, no. This day, this summer, this solstice is painfully beautiful. Some day I will call you. maybe you are real.

  2. I wore Poison for years! It was my first scent. Then I, of course, had to have one million scents. The next time I smell Poison on someone, I will think of you. I hope they don't mind if I inadvertently fall into them.

    Pinterest should honor the reality of pseudonyms and allow you to join the party. Of course, I'm already obsessed, and I would be all over your boards like cinnamon butter on toast.

  3. Hi there,
    Thank you for visiting the northern Light Blog, I am happy you stopped by, and that you left a comment, so that I could follow you back here!

    Pinterest... yes, that's all good things but also a huge time commitment, as it seems you have already figured out :) Feel free to look up the Northern Light Blog on Pinterest, there are some really cool boards there for you to drool over :)