Sunday, June 24, 2012

Scenes From an Exceedingly Boring Romantic Daydream

Scene from my imagined life: I'm in a cafe, light rain drizzling outside, everyone shaking off umbrellas. Steam from my coffee rises between my hands. Dark-haired stranger catches my eye; we look away, slowly look back. Over shoulders. Between other people moving through the cafe. He gets his coffee and stands, awkward, blue scarf looped over his chest. A woman rushes in, brushing rain from her face. Smiles. They embrace, and I pretend to write in my notebook, trying to see him without looking up. Trying to figure out, in a desperate few seconds, if she's a sister or a lover. They make their way to the door.

He looks back one last time. I watch him leave, wait for my heart to start again. It does, with a thud.

If anyone ever says I'm a romantic, I will gut them with a plaster-of-Paris unicorn horn covered in obscene amounts of glitter.

If anyone ever tells me that my daydreams are mundane, unoriginal, hopeless and silly, I will agree.

My next scene: Bumping into dark-haired stranger at the library, where we reach for the same book.

See: "If anyone..." part two.

Remember when I tweeted that if just one person told me that they liked my work, got it, thought it was awesome, that I would be happy? Today is one of those days. I'm giddy. You'll see it soon, and maybe one of you will also like it. I don't think I'll die if you don't, though, so it's okay. You can find it trite. But remember that faux unicorn horn.

Now, someone please tell me how to end my epic short story that I have been working on for ONE YEAR. Please. The story is good, I promise. But how to end it? Maybe I'm afraid of ending it. The same goes for two other stories. This is a problem. Taking suggestions.

But not hugs. Please, anything but that.


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  2. Comment from craziland:

    First, I apologize, I´ve come to the conclusion it´s the right thing to do. Overstepping boundaries and so on.

    Secondly, unoriginality in daydreams is good! It means you´ll likely find people who dream like you, and you´ll be able to write stuff that´s true to you and still relatable to others! And also, it might happen! Which would be great even if you´re not looking for an adventure. Flirting, remember, flirting ;)

    Yesterday I remembered one of my first crushes. It was Spock and I was so young I didn´t even understand that I was crushing, I just wanted to watch that character again and again -- very confusing. Now it´s so predictable it makes me laugh; I ALWAYS fall in love with that kind of character, thank god T´s not void of emotions, but he does kind of look like Spock. Or Sherlock. Or... well, you know.

    Happy you´re giddy, I´m sure I´ll like it! (and I´m actually kind of hard to please, even though I´m sure you haven´t noticed)

    Can you end it with aliens? Lately I´ve been using aliens in my sex fantasies, it works surprisingly well =) If not, I need more info to be able to contribute.

    no hugs then

  3. I cannot end it with aliens, but there is a possibility of alien pr0n in the future.

    I do wonder what a Spock/Snape hook-up would be like. I wonder A LOT.

    I used to flirt quite often. A, when did I stop flirting? And do you? You can tell me.

  4. Is this a certain story about the crimson dinner party?

    ...and your daydreams are sweet in the richness of their ordinary life detail. One would almost say rom...oh god... so much glitter...

  5. That is in my six short stories to be finished by end of summer! I'm closing in on it. It bears little resemblance to its early self (as do we all, no?).

    Chris, I've been waiting to thank you for a post you did about a week or so ago. I didn't comment; it was on cutting your work to find the "meat," essentially. I read it, it rattled around, and then... One day I needed it. And I used it. Cut words. Cut again. Cut until it was pared down.

    It will be published soon. I'll publicly thank you then. If it wasn't for that post, I would still be struggling and would not have met a deadline with a great story to show for it. I have written the requisite, "Hey! Look at this here thing I did!" blog post and left it in draft for the day, and you are fawned over. FAWNED. OVER.

    Now, excuse me while I remove this horn from your guts... Oh, sorry, let me push that liver back in...