Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blackberry Brown Sugar Ice Cream

Years ago, I was obsessed. Cakes, pies, sorbets, cookies, trifles, you name it. And then life changed, and although my sweet tooth remained intact, my love of making desserts waned.

I began following Not So Humble Pie's blog a week ago, and she's renewed my infatuation with making sweet things. Among the many things that caught my eye -- her blog is gorgeous -- was a recipe for Blackberry Brown Sugar Mascarpone ice cream. I received a new Cuisinart ice cream maker for my birthday, and I've only used it once (pistachio -- wonderful). This morning, I got straight to work.

Mascarpone. Mm. So smooth and creamy, and now I've got loads more left. What to do with the rest?

The ice cream being made. Within twenty minutes, it overflowed. This wasn't a real problem, and anyway, making ice cream (or any dessert, really) is always a messy but delicious process.

The end result, being put in my little Corningware dishes before going in the freezer.

So how does it taste? Divine. The mascarpone is a very definite taste element without being overpowering, and the entire thing is so fresh and perfect for spring/summer. Tonight, after dinner, we devour it.



Blackberries from bush
to freezer to ice cream dish.
The birds are bereft.

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  1. Although I don't have a sweet tooth, that looks good! Mmmm, brown sugar!!!1