Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ron Mueck, Heiko Windisch, Fic by me

Australian artist Ron Mueck produces larger-than-life, lifelike sculptures. I must admit that, at first, I found them a bit freaky. Then I became fascinated. This is on a computer screen -- I cannot imagine what the experience must be like in person. Unnerving? Quite possibly.


Cephalopod Links! Because they make mornings happier.

Octopus and HDTV

Coconut-carrying Octopus

Many thanks to JS, who shares my cephalopodian amour.


I've won a print by Heiko Windisch! I am absolutely thrilled. I adore serpents, and I can't wait for it come in. He's got three new pieces as well. Leviathan really caught my eye.

Is it possible to love both serpents and rodents? Does that not seem odd?


Fic: And So It Goes

The queen of mice and the king of all serpents danced at dusk one summer's night. His tail so thick compared to her delicate one, both graceful as they whipped and lashed. She called out to him, Wind faster; he said to her, Jump higher. And so it goes and so it goes, one night of treaty, one night of peace. Red eyes and green, in the dark. Fur and scales, dance together, hum and hiss and let the owls hoot above. One night each year, out of love of rock and hole and pine needles and cool, sweet water. On the head of each serpent, a mouse, or riding along the long backs, laughing.

When gray morning comes, they all retreat, slowly, looking back. The mouse queen bends a blade of grass, drops the dew onto the serpent king's flickering tongue. Next year, they promise. Next year. And so it goes.

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