Thursday, May 13, 2010

Various and Sundry

In the April Full Of Crow, Richard Hunt, Artist, Ponders Flash Fiction, by Larry Strattner. I was amused, impressed, and read it thrice.


King Triton, a piece I wrote for the Writer's Art contest on DA, received first place! I found the theme of the contest inspiring: Atlantis, "one day of the year, the inhabitants of that place can make contact with us..." A lot of readers found it romantic. In retrospect, I suppose it is, though I didn't originally intend that.


I was just espousing the virtues of Steampunk artist, Myke Amend, when I decided to check out a SteamCon event he's going to this month.

It's in my hometown.

Now I've got to go. Not just to meet him, but to see... everything! Unfortunately, I have no costume, and no time or money to get/make one before the show. I'll see what I can throw together, but if not, B and I will just go for the atmosphere.

When Myke's site comes back up (server issues), please note that he is offering commissions to off-set the cost of the convention.


Today's octopus link: 200 lb. octopus cake



  1. Hi Becky: I have introduced you to all my facebook friends and put "The Collar" on the newsfeed. I want everyone to get to know you and your works and get other fan bases. Go Lula Go!!!!!!!!

  2. That's awesome! Thank you so much! I'm... I'm just... Wow! Thank you!