Friday, December 3, 2010

Blogs of interest; asuqi; wallpapers

Rachelle Gardner was asked what about a writer's blog turns her off, and does it affect whether or not she chooses to represent the person. Her brief answer and your turn at answering the question here:

Blogs we don't like

Since her post is about blogs written by writers and agents, my own comment stuck to that. But let me add that I've dropped bloggers that rec books when it becomes clear that they receive a lot of books for free and they review them all positively.

If I can't trust the reviewer, I no longer follow them. I sometimes dislike a book I've read, and I will say so here. If you've known me for a while, as many of you have, then you have a sense of my personality and tastes, and if we mesh in some way, then you can usually trust if I say, "Loved this book!" And you can save your hard-earned money when I say, "I fucking hated it."


What I love this morning: Asuqi's winning entry over at Lily's Friday Prediction! From the moment I read the title, I loved it. You'll have to scroll down through the comments to find it -- that's how Lily's contest plays -- but it's well worth it. And check out her blog. Asuqi is a brilliant writer.

I had something in the race, too. A little piece about Vegas. Will I play again this week? Who knows. But Lily's got three new words up, so wander over and see what you make of them.


I've got a new wallpaper from artist Ryan McGinness. Find all of his downloadable art here.

I absolutely love it. Best one I've had... ever? Maybe. Found via SuperPunch.


  1. I commented over at Lily's. I do enjoy the challenge of writing a drabble! Especially a dark one. Gives me a chance to exercise my inner demons. Yes, you read that right. Exercise, not exorcise. I like to get them off their demon butts, make them lift some barbells, do a few deep knee bends. Nobody likes a fat, lazy demon.

  2. Mimi: Now I've got this picture of you in my head standing with a pack of demons on their haunches, clawing and growling, and you've got them all in black leather collars and leashes. LOL! I'm off to see what darkness you've come up -- and no better place to do that than Lily's, IMO.

    Asuqi: You're welcome.