Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Great Reads for a Snowy Day

Mm, some good reading today. Some "curl up with a hot cocoa in your pj's" good reading.

Asuqi is a February Femme Fatale with 150 words that melted into spots and hardened and now I can't pick them off. Here, darlings.

And for those who have been enjoying Death's trials, Chris Allinotte has a short story that, frankly, knocked my socks off here. Find out what the ghosts of misfortune get up to, and why maybe some are getting a bit big for their britches. And need a smackdown of apocalyptic proportion. Wait a sec, did I call them ghosts...?

Excellent reads for a snowy day! It's not quite the blizzard they were still predicting at, oh, 11 pm last night, but it's rather significant. We're closing in on eight inches. A couple inches more would be satisfactory, but who am I to complain? ;-)

ETA: Forgot to mention that I hurt my back rather badly a couple days ago, and I'm just now getting over it. Fuck, that hurt. So writing has been on a hold, but hopefully today, while B shovels (poor guy), I'll polish up the next section of Death's story.


  1. Oh, you ALWAYS want a few more inches!

    Verrrrry clever of you. Pre-emptively hurting your back (or claiming to!) to get out of snow duty. You ARE Slytherin, aren't you?

    We coasted by with just rain. Yay! And the groundhog didn't see his shadow, so that means an early spring! More Yay!!!

  2. I live with backpain too, the kind that makes the torso look like a Z instead of a T - get better, stretch ;)
    Can't wait to read your FFF - I know it will be FF!

  3. Backpain =( I´m sorry.

    So you haven´t been writing for a few days? This says something about your level of productivity; when you DON´T write you still throw brilliant pieces out here -- I don´t know how you do it!

    Thanks for the support, it´s a blanket around my heart =)

  4. Mimi: LOL! I thought that. It looks as if I did it on purpose. :-) But of course I didn't. And hell yeah for spring on its way. What a year.

    Erin: Ha! I looked like a Z! I know well that pain. And hey, so far, two days of FFF, and so far, they've been awesome. I can't wait to read the rest. :)

    A: I did write a lot of this series over last weekend, but I'm polishing it up now. And you're welcome, it's a brilliant piece. Did I see Lily say two pieces from you? Now that is exciting.

  5. Thanks very much for the link Rebecca. So glad you enjoyed it.

    Please don't keep us waiting too long for more of Death's adventures though!