Friday, February 18, 2011

The Night Hind; Sea Shepherd -- The Moby Dictatorship Begins!

Thank you to Lily Childs for her inspiring Friday Prediction.


The Night Hind

Faithful night arrives once more, along with the glass. I drink it and fall, nerveless, into a dream of antlers and men shaped like things that hunt. In the morning there is no glass, only sunlight from a window too far to drag myself to, too far to haul myself out, out into the freedom from a locked room and a day spent waiting for the moon to rise. I lie in bed, counting the pricks, and wonder: am I still a girl, or something else? And who visits me after the glass is empty? His scent is crushed moss.

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Those of you who know me know that I'm a passionate animal rights supporter, and as part of that, I wholly support the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, who you may know from Animal Planet's Whale Wars. I am ecstatic to have learned that Japan has just announced a halt to the hunt, only halfway through the whaling season. Since before the hunt, the Sea Shepherd's Bob Barker and Gojira have been on the factory ship Nishin Maru's tail, and the Japanese have been unable to lose them.


B and I are thrilled. Per the Colbert Report: The Moby dictatorship is poised to take over the world. Or at least, its oceans. ;)


  1. Awesome write and great news. I am a big animal supporter to and donate often, not to mention adoption.

    Beautiful language in The Night Hind - "I drink it and fall, nerveless, into a dream of antlers and men shaped like things that hunt." I just love that sentence, its layout and content.

    I wish I had more time to contribute weekly to Lily's Friday Prediction. Maybe March will be smoother; February has been a hurricane for me : )

  2. Erin, we also support our local shelter, donate, and we used to foster. It's been a madhouse here at times, with all the animals, but it's worth it. In the past few years, I stopped fostering. After ten years of it, I needed a break. For some reason, they loved to give us young puppies to foster... I can now house train a puppy in my sleep, but dear god. I don't want to. Not again, ever. :) Adults dogs from now on!

    Enough of that silliness. Anyway, thank you so much! I happen to really like that sentence as well. Sometimes, the Prediction really inspires in a way no other challenge does. I'd love to see your return, but I'm an on-again, off-again player myself.

  3. Rebecca, that was a great piece. Also that is great news about the Japanese. I'm an animal lover but I also understand that people need to eat. There is a need BUT there should also be limitations. Enough said.

    Enjoy your weekend!!