Friday, February 25, 2011

Three Exercises to Warm Up Your Writing Brain!

 My entry into Lily's Friday Prediction: Seed. What can you say with denounce, thirst, and fertile? Come play!

My Three Word Wednesday piece, Somewhere in a coffee shop in LA (because clearly, I have run out of title ideas -- I even think I've used "Seed" before).

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And how about a little OneWord to get you moving? Mine from today:

He was the last of the singing barbers. As I sat in his chair, he crooned in my ear: grief and love in four-part harmony, though when I looked in the mirror, he was alone. It was the saddest song, and tears rolled down my face, mingling with snips of damp hair. When he was done, he took off the apron and left the shop under the tinkle of a little bell. I’ve never had a haircut since; it grows in silence.


A few ways to get your brain warmed up and cranking out the words. And then you can go and write that novel! It will be a bestseller! I will stand in line to get your autograph on my copy! I will ask you to also sign my boobs!

See what doing a few writing exercises can do for you? Think to the future, friends!


  1. I like the idea of singing barbers. Reminds me of Max's Opera Cafe where the waiters sing broadway songs. Yes, writing exercises can be great kick starts & idea generators.

  2. There used to be a restaurant over here with singing waiters, but honestly, it made me uncomfortable.

    Writing exercises can be great, but sometimes, I admit I use them to avoid doing other things. Like working on the big projects. :)