Sunday, February 13, 2011

Marshmallows and Pirates, Oh My!

Reviews: of marshmallows and cursed pirate girls!

This week, B and I have been noshing on the most divine marshmallows we have ever come across: Oh Yum! marshmallows, in chocolate, cherry, banana cream and Bavarian cream.

These are homemade, and they blow store-bought marshmallows out of the water. From the first bite, all we could do was look at each other and make, "OMG these are so good I'm dying" faces. Pillowy, precious and such a wonderful little treat. I needed these marshmallows! Of the four, Bavarian cream is totally the best. TOTALLY. It tastes like the inside of a Boston cream donut -- yes. :-) But in marshmallow form. I highly recommend this Etsy seller if you want the perfect pick-me-up; she contacted me, was extremely friendly, and the marshmallows arrived on time. Note that she makes all the marshmallow orders on Sunday, and ships them out Priority on Monday morning. So if you want marshmallows this week -- and trust me, you do -- order them today. Oh Yum! Other flavors include coconut cream, white almond, raspberry, peanut butter, coffee and, and.. I forget them all.

Coincidentally, my favorite dessert blog, Not So Humble Pie, posted a recipe for raspberry marshmallows this week. Although they only have four simple ingredients, it's the whole candy-making aspect of it -- the candy thermometer, watching the syrup because it can go from perfect to black in a second, you get the gist. I'm a decent cook and good baker, but I believe I'll leave candy to those more experienced than I. But if you want to give it a whirl, I'll happily be your taste-tester!


Enough marshmallows. Bring on the pirates.

Or, more specifically, the little girl with one eye on a quest to find her pirate captain father, in Jeremy Bastian's graphic novel, "Cursed Pirate Girl."

I walked into my favorite comic book store, Green Brain in Dearborn, last Wednesday night to pick up the hot-off-the-presses new issue of The Walking Dead. I found a guy with a wicked awesome banner and a bunch of cool-looking stuff. But then, you know how I am. No matter how intrigued, I had to walk around for twenty minutes, getting up the nerve to go over and say, "What's all this, then?"

So glad I finally did. Walked out with a signed copy of "Cursed Pirate Girl," collected issues 1-3, and man, have I been hooked since. Some comments I've found online and on the back cover: Alice In Wonderland on the high seas, "most original art and story to come along in ages," and "holy shit, you should see what this guy draws!"

As I said, it's about a girl on a quest to find her pirate captain father, and it takes place in an alternate, bizarro reality in about the 1700s. Incredibly detailed -- I've pored over each and every page, delighting in every little hidden thing I find. I can't say enough about this, but if I tell you that someone brought an enormous box of CPG-themed cookies to the signing, then will you get a copy? You should.

Jeremy's here on blogspot, and here's his Olympian Publishing page. And for those of you who are local, so is Jeremy! Support a fellow Michigander. :-) Also, he seemed like a nice guy.


You did finally read Instrument of Fate, the tale of Death and Moira, didn't you? Last part is here, with links to the rest. I'd sure appreciate if you did, and if you could leave any feedback, I'd be even more appreciative. Thank you!


  1. Marshmallows, hmmmm! My wife 'n' kids like them. I might surprise them and make some from that recipe. I need spicey myself so if they come out with a chilli/curry/piri piri recipe I may be tempted.

    Had a look over at Jeremy's blog. He seems a cool guy. Is that the store you met him at? (The one on his latest post) I'll look out for his books.

    Death - I apologise for my lack of reading. I'm bombed with "real" work at the mo and that's what paysthe bills. I'm writing and writing when I get a chance in between work and being a dad and husband. I promise I'll get round to reading and leaving comments.

    By the way, you need to get a photo of yourself on your blog, unless that is you. If so.....nice chest!!! :-)

  2. Wouldn't you know... I clicked on the marshmallow link and was told she'll be on vacation until the end of February. *stamps little foot in indignation* First I am teased with thoughts of REAL marshmallows -- a thing I have never tasted but now MUST, and now I find that this desire must be postponed! How very vexing!

    You should be getting the original drawing of Death and Moira in the mail Monday. I mailed it out on Wednesday when I ran errands, and I find myself holding my breath each time I send something out, hoping that the post office doesn't get it lost.

  3. David, are you one of those who likes chili and curry in their chocolate? I love spice, but not, for some reason, in my sweets.

    Jeremy was awesome to talk to at the store, and yes, Green Brain, the place in the pics, is my comic book store of choice. Also -- took a pic this afternoon, will upload it tomorrow. :) And don't worry about reading; we all have multiple roles to fill, and got to prioritize.

    Mimi -- I can't wait! I've been searching through old frames in the basement for one I can Goth-up, I'm so exicted. I'm sorry about the marshmallows. That is a total bummer. And honestly, yes, you must taste them. At least to say that you *have* tasted "real" marshmallows. Not like store-bought, I promise! The banana in a cup of hot cocoa... so divine.