Friday, June 11, 2010

Flash fic rec -- "Gluteus", minor ramblings

Gluteus by Dawn West.

It'll take you a minute to read.

And there's a line that made me say, "Holy shit!" out loud. If a story's got one of those, I give mad props to the writer. Because I live in 1995, yo. Wassup.


I actually don't. I live in the future. Head in the clouds, all that.

So this past week, I haven't been feeling well, and each day was worse than the one before. I've managed to keep working, take care of the zoo, etc, but today I woke up feeling better and I thought, This weekend, I'm getting my mojo back. Cuz it's been gone. And I've felt really strange. No writing for a week -- well, there was the 24 hrs spent suffering over an opening line, which is unlike me. And then last night, exhausted and emotionally drained from two episodes of Whale Wars, I decided to rewrite my zombie fic for xTx's zombie summer, and I got this new thing, it's a bag of shit, but it's freaky, so maybe she'll like it. I wish it was elephant summer again. If you haven't already, hit her blog and download elephant summer. Sure, there's a ton of stories about enormous elephant cock, but there's some fucking brilliant stuff too. Okay, some of the elephant cock stuff is pretty awesome. I'm too lazy to find the link. Find it yourself! Jesus, do I have to do everything around here?

My point is, I'm gonna write. I also got up at 7:30, threw some clothes on and pulled my hair back, and took the dogs for a walk. Excellent, even though it's humid as hell already and we'll need the AC on soon. Oh, and these people got a puppy, and since they got it, it's been living outside. With no shelter, no bowls of food or water. It looks healthy, but I was shocked when, at 7:40, I walked past their yard and this little thing uncurled and yawned and then barked at us. From where it was sleeping on its filthy, cracked bit of patio. This? Not right. Something will be done. The old rescuer in me is dying to just reach over and nab the pup, send it on to a rescue group an hour or more away (I still have contacts), but I think we need to get the city involved. Maybe the owners can be educated. Or maybe they can't, and they'll have the dog removed. But if I just steal the pup, they'll just go and get another one. So. City. There's a plan.

I haven't walked the dogs in weeks. Too hot, then I didn't feel well this week. They were ecstatic. Lucy actually looked like a proper German Shepherd out for a walk.

Boring post! Come back tomorrow for: book review, review of new homemade ice cream, and maybe something else...

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  1. Please tell me these are not the same people with the other dogs that have been horrible in the past.