Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nothing Says Love Like Massive Skull Injury

I'm 2/3 of the way through Joe Hill's Horns. I fucking love it. Review probably at the weekend.


Here is what we know about love: it is like hippopottamuses in the dirty river. Or like their skulls. It is on occasion like their feet stamping in the mud below. When I was 23, I sucked mud down there, felt my own skull crack. The bottom of the river with fifty horny angry delirious hippopottamuses above me said home, and I believed. You should too. You should take a deep breath, like when you were twelve and at your friend's above-ground pool and going to go under for the quarter her dad threw in just to see your butt flash above the water for a second. You should take that deep breath, hold your nose, and dive. Thrash around, fight your way down down down. And when you find that quarter, when you've got someone standing on your head and you're sucking fire, just stay there. Stay there. That's love.


  1. Somehow I missed this post. Just coming through to check out some of the recs I hadn't quite gotten too, and I found this little gem.

    I love this. Sucking fire. Love it. Sometimes it feels like drowning...

  2. It does. We can fight it or give in. :)

    Found your blogs, I'm reading like crazy (I'll email you later).