Friday, June 4, 2010

xTx sharply, Random + fic

Sometimes, xTx pierces me through with a tiny sword: I would like this too much


Surreal grunge wallpapers by Vintage Retro Grunge, an amazing site for textures, fonts, and wallpapers that have a "vintage retro grunge" look. Which appears to mean steampunk, Victorian, retro, grunge and a host of other very cool things. Thanks, Propnomicon.


I now have a harmonica. Be glad you don't live next door to me.

My other half works at a music store and brought it home last night. It's ridiculously easy to make music on, and the animals are enthralled (read: ears flattened, slinking out of room while giving me a dirty look over their shoulder). I need a book so I can actually learn to play this.

Or I can continue composing my own songs. *g* "Ode to Bob" was especially moving, I thought.


Meteor Equals

There are numbers, numbers everywhere I turn. I gave you a number, but you used it against me. Still, every time I see your number, I get the chills, I get the urge to divide. You do this to me, you make me want more complicated equations. Once we were x and y, now there are bottles in the grass from last night's meteor watch and you in my kitchen talking about real coffee, good coffee, and how this all came about is physics and I want to quantum puke when you say you've got to go, you've got someplace to be, you'll text me. Nine. You say nine, and I fall all over again. And watch your small car rev out of my parking spot.

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