Thursday, January 13, 2011

1400 words done, bringing chapter two to a thrilling close. Finally, this train wreck is rolling on, full steam ahead! (heh) I've had to do a lot of research for this, and the most fun so far was when I looked up slang and cuss words this morning for a specfic time period. Always good to know, though, that 'fuck' has been around since, apparently, we first started fucking and had a word for it.

Woke up this morning to a dog with a head like cabbage. Damn spiders. I just sprayed for them last week. It's usually me they like; B says I'm the sweet meat. Which is weird. Anyway, Lucy went to the vet, where it was determined she had a fever, swollen lymph nodes, and a wobbly back end, meaning that it was a bit severe of an allergic reaction. Now on various meds, but at least she isn't "shar-pei face" anymore, as the vet called her. (she's a GSD)

And then there's this fabulous chair:

I like to play the "When I'm a famous author game." It keeps me going when I'm staring at the computer screen and nothing comes to mind but a blur of totally modern swear words, and I realize that, in all likelihood, I will be grooming dogs until the day I die. Anyway. When I Am A Famous Author, I will give interviews while sitting in this chair. Found via. Although it's been all over the interwebz today.

And now I pause for a break, more tea, and the end of Judge Judy.


  1. Just catching up. Good luck with the writing. Hope your dog is ok, if not you can always drive her out to the middle of nowhere....! Just kidding. When you're a world famous writer you can have your "own" chair specially made. One that's not been all over the interweb. And you can buy yourself some lovely outdoor clothing!

    Keep well, Rebecca!!

  2. Yes, I shall need some outdoor clothing suitable for the mountain expeditions I'll be going on. You're going too, right? ;-)

    Glad to hear from you!!!

  3. Oh No!!! Lucy!! Poor baby!!! Ack I hate spiders, or anything else that comes in my house that doesn't belong...

    Keep on rollin with that story!!!

    And totally strange chair. Gotta love it.