Friday, January 28, 2011

ATON: Burn the Judge; Fantastic Beasts in Clay

Christopher Grant, ever the gentleman, allowed me to write a second piece for the 600-700 challenge over at A Twist of Noir: Burn the Judge. I'm 655. Make sure to take a look at the two pieces before mine -- some damn fine writing over at ATON. To be expected, of course.


Sculptor creaturesfromel crafts fantastic beasts out of air-dry clay and apoxie, along with paint, etc. She's earned a bunch of DD's and has work for sale on Etsy. You can find her LJ account here (easy to scroll through, with links to Etsy). Here is her absolutely gorgeous vined serpent:


Okay, I gotta go. B just texted that he'll play Scrabble with me tonight... if he can use a dictionary. Pussy!!! Whatever. I'll still kick his ass. So I've got to get dinner ready (blackened grouper with herbed rice and peas) (and wine, did I mention the wine?) and then get the card table ready for Scrabble. I'm so excited. So! Excited! I know, I'm a geek.

Have a great weekend, and please be kind to one another. There's enough hatred in the world already.

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  1. Left a comment over at ATON. Hope you had a great scrabble/wine/fish night!

    Have a great weekend!