Saturday, January 29, 2011

yt sumner's Postcard Project; artist Heiko Windisch

Kick-ass Australian writer, yt sumner, is currently hosting a "you and me" project: send her a postcard with a word or phrase, and she'll write some flash fic. I did -- and she went all Major Tom on mine:

Green Apple Wine

I've been following her blog for nearly a year, and this postcard project has produced some seriously cool fic. If you've got some time, peruse the offerings.

The postcard I sent (visible at yt's blog) is by one of my favorite artists, Heiko Windisch.

I've got a couple of Heiko's pieces here, and though they've been up for months, I love staring at them. Something about his work really resonates with me. He's also got wallpapers, iPhone wallpapers, iPhone covers, t-shirts, postcards, you name it. Heiko's blog.

Back to writing. Awesome start to my Saturday, though. :-)

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