Thursday, January 20, 2011

3-D Interior Art; Maybe someday it will actually stop snowing

I realize I haven't been around much, or more precisely, I've been around but not blogging. I'm very much stuck in my own head lately, in this little world I'm writing about. 16,000 words/4 chapters, and it looks to be a hot mess, but hey, maybe it'll grow up and be a real book someday. And maybe I'll be a real boy! Wait...

There are donkeys around every corner, and men with promises in their pockets. Ignore them.

It's snowing again. FFS.

I like to play along in the writing communities, such as Lily's Friday Prediction and Three Word Wednesday, and sometimes, I want to start one myself. But my favorite way of starting a story is to peruse Deviant Art for inspiration. I have a folder of faves marked "landscapes." They're not all true landscapes, as many of them are exterior building shots or perhaps a slice of a single room, but that is what I call it. Sometimes I think it would be fun to post something from my landscapes folder and see what people can come up with. I don't think I'll actually do this, so don't get all excited. At least, not until I've wrangled this book into something that, you know, resembles a book.

In the meantime, I thought I'd present you with a few from a sub-category of "landscapes": 3-D art. I typically like the created, 3-D interiors, but on occasion I've found an exterior piece rather intriguing.

Here's an example of an interior that I just love:

This is called "Interior Courtyard" by zorrodesign, and can be found here.

Another interior, this one called "The Dreamed Bathroom" by diegoreales and probably my actual, favorite dreamed bathroom, can be found here.

And finally, an exterior shot of an imagined Bali villa, one in which I lose myself whilst dreaming of half-naked men and rum runners all day, is here.

I suggest you full-view all of them, as these artists put in an astonishing amount of detail. Really pulls you in.

I hope all my writer friends are productive and inspired, and that life is treating you well.


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