Friday, March 9, 2012

5 Things

Five Things About Me Even Though NOBODY ASKED:

1. I was just told to watch my language.

2. I would get a Pinterest account (oh, I mean, "ask for an invite") but it would just be everything on the Bloggess's Pinterest.

3. When I really want to relax and waste time, I look up wallpapers. Currently it's this:

But I'm looking for something new. Preferably with a cat. Or a scene of apocalyptic destruction.

4. Whenever somebody says that something is missing and maybe someone stole it, I automatically go into freak out mode and wonder if I stole it even though I know I didn't, and I've never even shoplifted anything in my entire life.

5. I pulled a giant swollen tick off a dog today, then found more ticks and pulled them off, then got grossed out and had to leave (it wasn't my dog).

Bonus Thing! My friend just lent me her brand new season one Blu-Ray of Game of Thrones, and I'm about to have a GoT marathon. WINTER IS COMING, SUCKAS.

*I just changed "bitches" to "suckas" because someone just told me again that I should watch my language. I'm about to get pissed off, bitches. Really motherfuckin' angry, you know what I mean?


  1. OMG *insert teen voice* YOUR HUMOR MAKES MY DAY.

    But really. It does.

  2. That was pretty fucking funny.

    Also, I rather like the bus picture in your banner.

  3. That's a pretty cute wallpaper, a little pink for me... ;)

    My wallpapers alternate between epic CG fantasy landscapes and something Batman.

    Everyone has a little bit of number 4 in them, don't they? It's that whole seeing a police officer in the street thing, or when they walk into my shop, and I know they're not there for me. But what if they are? What if? What if? WHAT DID I DO!?